Collin Cronin is smiling and wearing a grey shirt. He is standing in front of a painted grey background.

Collin Cronin, B.B.A.’17

Culture Champion

Cyber Security Engineer, GE Aerospace

Known as a culture hero by his colleagues for inspiring those around him through his creative innovation and collaboration, Collin Cronin is establishing himself as a champion in his industry. He has been successfully mitigating risks, while at the same time cutting costs, improving operational processes and increasing profitability.

A supportive peer at GE Aerospace, Cronin has proven himself able to positively affect those around him. As a result, he has received three Impact Awards for his organizational skills and ability to deliver desired outcomes. On top of that, Cronin has been actively keeping his skills sharp by attending industry computing conferences and attaining three industry-recognized certifications—within the first six months on the job!

Outside of his professional achievements, Cronin enjoys brewing funky beers, keeping saltwater fish and spending time exploring his local community with friends.

Favorite Kalamazoo Attraction:

“The Kalamazoo Beer Exchange! Not only was it the first date location for my wife and me, but it has got one of the most interesting bar concepts I’ve come across. #StockMarketCrash!"