Aron Duymovic is wearing a blue jacket and white button-up shirt with the first button unbuttoned, and is smiling at the camera. The background is full of green pine trees.

Aron Duymovic, B.B.A.’15

Aron Duymovic

The Aerospace Ace

Operations Lead, Lockheed Martin Space Systems

What do you get when you mix a top-rated education in supply management with expertise in data analytics? For Aron Duymovic, it is the perfect blend for a career that’s truly out of this world. From engineering to production and more, Duymovic knows every step of the supply chain process. His deep knowledge and career experience has catapulted him to success as a manufacturing planner for Lockheed Martin Space Systems, based in Littleton, Colorado.

Duymovic is responsible for programs in government, military, commercial and civil space sectors. A natural-born leader, he oversees teams that support initiatives such as the Overhead Persistent Infrared Satellite and radio frequency and antenna production operations.

In just a few short years since graduating from Western, Duymovic has added an impressive number of accolades to his resume. He has implemented design improvements, created data-driven tracking tools and even received Lockheed Martin’s Hall of Fame Award—the highest recognition bestowed by the organization. 

Favorite WMU Professor: “Dr. Bret Wagner. He made supply chain concepts relatable and enjoyable.”