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Step into experiences that will help prepare you for your future career.

Early Career Preparation

At the Haworth College of Business, you will have access to all the resources you need to prepare for your future career, from your first semester through graduation. In addition to early experiences in your major that help you to build your resume, the college provides career programming and services tailored to your needs.

Zhang Career Center

The Zhang Career Center focuses on career readiness programming for students and partnerships with key employers. What does this mean for you? 

Access to programs will help you find your purpose in business along with the opportunity to hear straight from employers about what you can do to be successful in the job search process. Here are just some of the ways the Zhang Career Center is here for you.

  • Customized Career Advising: Have in-depth discussions with advisors about career pathways, career-building experiences and more.
  • Business Externship Program: An exploratory program that gives you an insider’s view of different companies, industries and career pathways—from the perspective of the employers themselves.
  • Resume Critiques and Practice Interviews: These structured experiences help you improve your resume and interviewing skills so you can stand out in the job search.
  • Career Fairs: Your chance to connect with employers for internships and full-time job opportunities.

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Student Professional Readiness Series

The Student Professional Readiness Series helps you to grow as a professional. Created with input from employers on the top skills and competencies they are seeking in job candidates, this required program gives Haworth College of Business students a competitive edge when they graduate. 

A collaboration between the Zhang Career Center and Student Professional Readiness Series provides you opportunities to practice and master skill sets in a flexible environment, tailored to your goals. The result is that you will be job-ready and confident as you enter the business world, transitioning seamlessly from college to career.

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    Business students dig their heels into career readiness

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    Going above and beyond as a Business Bronco

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