Benjamin Ndinga Etshim is wearing a navy suit with a black turtleneck and is standing in front of Sangren Hall.

Benjamin Ndinga Etshim, B.B.A.’18

Supply Chain Superstar

Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager, Honeywell Intelligrated

Benjamin Ndinga Etshim has tackled more than his fair share of obstacles, and he has overcome them all with a positive attitude and determination.

Etshim moved to the United States from the Democratic Republic of the Congo where he studied law and political science. He was looking to make a breakthrough in business, but none of his credits from his previous degrees transferred. Faced with the daunting prospect of starting his college career over, he pushed to overcome the logistical challenges and achieve his goals. His journey took effort, which included working several jobs while attending school to pay for his tuition.

At Western, Etshim majored in integrated supply management and completed internships at Eaton Corporation, Depatie Fluid Power and Marathon Petroleum. Through these experiences and coursework, he honed his skills in supply chain and was offered a position at Marathon Petroleum a year before graduation.

Instead of taking the easy route, Etshim continued to challenge himself by pursuing additional education and a new role at Honeywell Intelligrated. His persistence, confidence and faith allow him to succeed no matter what obstacles life may throw at him.

Favorite Kalamazoo Attraction:

“The Western Michigan University campus. Whenever I’m in town, I make it a priority to stop by the campus—I have so many great memories there!”