The Haworth College of Business advantage

Megan Ellefson graduated in spring 2018 with a degree in sales and business marketing at Western Michigan University. Throughout her college career, she stayed active on campus. She was a member of the Sales and Business Marketing Association, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Western Michigan University cheer team. She tells us how the Haworth College of Business helped her achieve her goals.

The advantage of sales application over theory alone

The sales and business marketing program in the Haworth College of Business equips students with beneficial skills that give us an advantage over many others applying for sales positions. The program doesn’t just teach us about selling—it teaches us how to sell. Before graduation, I had already accepted a job with Insight Global, a staffing company in Grand Rapids. I will start as a recruiter and make my way toward a position in account and sales management.

Developing essential skills

The programs and the faculty in the Haworth College of Business give students the tools to win. My experience is that the professors go above and beyond for their students in order to help them succeed and students have many opportunities to grow academically and professionally outside of the classroom.

Through the resources offered to students of the Haworth College of Business, I learned how to build an effective resume, prep for an interview and how to follow up with employers. I have also learned how to present in front of a CEO, sell myself to employers and effectively set up interviews and meetings.

How to get the most out of your college career

The best advice that I could give students is to get involved! Join a club, go to your classes and spend extra time talking with your professors and other students. College is not about being comfortable; it’s about growth and bettering yourself in every aspect of your life. What you put into your college experience is what you will get out of it. If you have the mindset to succeed, you will.