Deepak Maurya is wearing an orange shirt and standing in front of a rug on a loom.

Deepak Maurya, B.B.A.’15

The Rugged Entrepreneur

Founder, The Rug Décor
Partner, Royal Art Collection

Deepak Maurya is hands down a passionate business person. As an entrepreneur and founder of his own business, one that specializes in handmade textiles, Maurya understands the importance of weaving quality and integrity together from production to delivery. Maurya started The Rug Décor in 2017, seeing an opportunity to honor the artisans in his home country of India by paying fair wages for their work and providing high-quality products to those in search of beautiful home décor. 

His business model is based exclusively on eCommerce sales—eliminating brick-and-mortar stores for a direct-to-consumer approach that flourished during the pandemic. An uptick in people investing more in their spaces led Maurya’s company to year-over-year growth for three years in a row, with revenue expected to double this year, confirming that his rugs are a cut above the rest.

Similar to the unique patterns found on his rugs, variety is what Maurya finds most fulfilling in his work day. On any given day, he could be sitting at his computer strategizing over user experience on the website, collaborating with a designer on a large-scale furnishing project, or meeting with employees to discuss experimenting with new designs and materials. It is all rewarding work as he knows the international impact of his company on producers and consumers alike.


“Playing video games, badminton and cricket.”