Department of Management Outstanding Alumni Award

mcmanusKevin McManus, B.B.A.’79
TECHNI Waterjet

Kevin McManus was appointed president of TECHNI Waterjet, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of profile waterjet cutting systems, in 2016. With more than 35 years of experience, McManus is a recognized global leader in the robotic automation and waterjet cutting industries. He also serves as global director of business development for the company, helping organizations around the world significantly improve their operating performance through the utilization of TECHNI’s industry-leading products and technology.

Before joining TECHNI, McManus served as president and CEO of KMT Group, a waterjet and robotic solutions company. His accomplishments were substantial, including being part of the sale of global businesses for $162 million, as well as creating lasting relationships while traveling throughout Europe and Asia. Prior to KMT, McManus was involved in corporate development, working with Ernst & Young and Stroh Brewery, among others.

McManus received his bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University and went on to earn his master’s in finance from Walsh College. A Bronco through-and-through, he established the Timmy Parker Memorial Scholarship, an award celebrating students who live boldly with a determination for positive change.