Photo of Megan Ward smiling next to a Mac Book computer.

Meagan Ward, B.B.A.'13

If you want to know what stoked Meagan Ward’s passion for supporting women of all walks of life, look no further than her mother. “I come from a family of strong women,” says Ward. “My mother was a single mom, and I have seen her strength in so many ways. She has always embodied a sense of love for women. When we were out in public, she would talk to other women, ask them about themselves and compliment them. My mom showed me that womanhood was the common ground among all women. She inspired me in many of my ventures and still does to this day.”

Ward’s ventures are many, and all of them center around women supporting each other in their businesses, goals and life journeys. She took her first steps as an entrepreneur while still in college when she worked for local clients on marketing issues. “From that moment, I understood my own power, my opportunity to be a woman of enterprise, and the possibility to help others achieve their own dreams for their businesses.”

Fast forward a few years, and Ward now owns the agency Creatively Flawless, which assists women-owned businesses with their branding needs. She also hosts conferences and seminars for The Powerful Women, a women’s network she founded. And her latest venture is the co-working space Femology—a space in Detroit for women who need a convenient workspace; the facility also hosts events focused on business, lifestyle and development and has a planned expansion in 2018.

"I knew I wanted to work with women who were like me—people who were willing to launch themselves into their businesses, social enterprises and creative projects with joy and intensity,” says Ward. “I wanted to create a sisterhood. I truly believe women supporting women is crucial.”

Involvement with the U.S. EmbassyPictured is an illustration of a target

This past year, Ward spoke at the U.S. Embassy’s Women’s Mentoring Program in the Republic of Georgia. There, she interacted with women of all socio-economic classes, speaking with them about her experiences and learning about their lives. “This was a life-changing event for me,” says Ward. “It showed me on a global scale how all women are interconnected. We face many of the same challenges, from self-worth, to how our work is valued, to discrimination.”

What Ward found extremely uplifting was the sense of promise that pervaded the event. “These women, many of whom have dealt with extreme challenges, all had hope,” she notes. “They want to push through and make their lives better. It was also very heartening to see how many women there are in different governments around the world who want to work for women’s empowerment.”

No apologies

A mantra that Ward uses for herself and clients is, “Find your purpose and then become unapologetic in that purpose.” Using that as a touchstone, she helps clients survey their potential markets in order to curate products and services that have value in the marketplace as well as developing the brand personality, story and visual identity for organizations she works with.

She has recommitted to that mantra, as she balances life as a business professional and a new mother.

“There have been times this year when I have taken calls for work or speaking engagements, and my son wakes up and starts crying,” she notes. “I have had hundreds of emails to respond to and a diaper change that needed to happen at the same time. I sometimes have the impulse to apologize, but then I realize that this is the stage of life I am in—professional and mother are both important parts of my identity. Then, I embrace all the potential that those roles hold.”