Dunbar Media Suite Campaign!

We are raising $2 million toward sustainable equipment for a cutting-edge podcasting, journalism, and broadcasting suite that will equip School of Communication students with comprehensive and transformative storytelling experiences that will prepare them to meet the rapidly changing demands of the media environment.

We now have the opportunity to earn an additional $500,000 in matching donations made through the end of 2023!

Please consider making a donation to the School of Communication Dunbar Media Production Suite Campaign! 

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Join us in our Pursuit of Excellence

The School of Communication has a rich history of excellence and commitment to teaching. Our achievements are made possible by the combined efforts of the University, our faculty, the alumni, and our students.

Working together, we have been able to add scholarships, renovate Brown Hall, and support student and faculty research. The effort to deliver excellence in education in an everaccelerating world never ceases, which is why we are excited to support this initiative!

This campaign aims to provide students with upgradable and sustainable equipment by the start of spring 2024, when Dunbar Hall and the media suite are scheduled to open. Donations toward equipment for the media suite must be made by March 2023 to ensure time for purchase, delivery, and installation.

While our goal is to reach $2 million by March 2023, if you cannot donate before that time, the School of Communication has ongoing needs, and donations are appreciated anytime!

About the Project

Built in 1971, Dunbar Hall has become one of the most heavily used classroom buildings on campus and is home to over a dozen academic programs. Dunbar is undergoing massive renovations.

The interior of the building is being stripped down to its structural skeleton to create an interior that meets today's contemporary educational needs.

Updates, Upcoming Events & FAQs

Project updates:

Find the latest photos & videos of the construction at Dunbar Hall below: Timelapse video here.


How can I give?

A: Click on the button at the top of the page or click here.

Why should I give?

A: The Dunbar Media Suite will help provide students with a place to learn, create, a grow their professional skill sets.

What will my gift do?

A: Your gift will provide the equipment necessary for students to gain real, practical experiences that are necessary to give them a competitive edge post-graduation.

Can I donate $1, $5, $10?

A: No amount is too big or too small. Donating to this project shows your support and dedication to the students and the School's mission to provide support, resources, and beneficial learning opportunities for students.

What if I can only donate x amount right now?

A: If you are interested in committing to give a specific amount over time, please contact Jessica Hermann-Wilmarth at jessica.a.hermann-wilmarth@wmich.edu.

You can also make a larger commitment and split it into a few segments. If you want to give $500, you can split it into two payments of $250