Doctor of Philosophy in English

  • Lindsay Jo Jeffers shakes President Dunn's hand on graduation stage

    Lindsay Jo Jeffers receives Ph.D.

    Lindsay Jo Jeffers received a Doctor of Philosophy in English in spring 2017.

  • Aimee Valentine waves as she receives a Doctor of Philosophy in English

    Aimee Valentine receives Ph.D.

    Aimee Valentine received a Doctor of Philosophy in English with a specialization in creating writing in spring 2017.

The Doctor of Philosophy in the Department of English at Western Michigan University offers specialization in:

Program requirements

The program requires all candidates to have:

  • Broad knowledge of English and American literature.
  • Acquaintance with non-traditional literature.
  • Practical or theoretical background in the teaching of English.
  • Specialization in one or more of the discipline’s fields (see above).

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How to apply


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Exam Area Reading Lists

The following list will guide your studying. They will provide examiners and exam-takers with a common body of literature, so that you will know not precisely what questions will be asked, but what literary, critical, and theoretical sources will enable you to respond knowledgeably to the questions that are asked. Seek out faculty members in your sit-down exam areas for guidance on how best to prepare, given the field you have selected and your own background and interests.