Ad Hoc General Education Logistics Committee

Committee Charges

  1. Identify challenges and propose potential solutions associated with the implementation of, and transition to, the revised general education curriculum.
  2. As necessary, recommend amendment(s) to MOA-17/05 to reflect the WMU Essential Studies curriculum and associated processes for final approval at the April 2018 Faculty Senate meeting.
  3. Develop and submit a time-bound recommended action plan for the implementation of the WMU Essential Studies curriculum by the final meeting of the 2017-18 Faculty Senate.
  4. Initiate development of a process to allow all colleges and units to propose new or existing courses for the WMU Essential Studies curriculum. Recommend to the Faculty Senate Executive Board charges and membership for the proposed WMU Essential Studies Executive Advisory Committee.
  5. Report to the Faculty Senate Executive Board and the Faculty Senate as requested during the 2017-18 academic year.

For information on prior activities of WMU General Education revision see Ad Hoc General Education Design


WMU Essential Studies Model

WMU Essential  Studies Proposed Timeline

WMU Essential Studies Student Learning Outcomes


Committee Officer

elliotMervyn Elliott, Chair


Leigh FordLeigh Ford, Vice Chair
Arts and Sciences (Humanities)



Ex Officio Members

Janet HahnJanet Hahn
Faculty Senate Executive Board


C. Dennis SimpsonC. Dennis Simpson
Faculty Senate Executive Board



Appointed Faculty Members

Staci Perryman-ClarkStaci Perryman-Clark
Arts and Sciences (Humanities)


Elke SchoffersElke Schoffers
Arts and Sciences (Sciences and Mathematics)


Sarah SummySarah Summy
Education and Human Development



Appointed Administrative / Staff Members

Carrie CummingCarrie Cumming


David ReinholdDavid Reinhold
Associate Provost for Assessment and Undergraduate Studies


Wilson WarrenWilson Warren
Chair of History



Advisory Members

Tarrel HodgeTerrell Hodge


Ed MartinitEd Martini
Associate Dean for Extended University Programs


Sharon VanDykenSharon Van Dyken
Director of Advising for Aviation



Recording Secretary

Sue Brodasky
Faculty Senate Administrator