WMU Essential Studies Interactive Model

Level 3: Connections

These courses should generally be taken after level 1 and 2 courses, as they are the culmination of the program. These courses should widen the lens of student perspectives, both engaging them in local, national, or global issues as well as further developing the core skills introduced in levels 1 and 2.

Local and National Perspectives  Global Perspectives

Level 2: Exploration and Discovery

These courses promote student intellectual growth and personal responsibility. Although presented here as a distinct level, these courses may generally be taken at any point in the student's program. When possible, these are recommended to be taken after level 1 courses.

Personal Wellness  World Languages and Culture  Science and Technology  Scientific Literacy with Lab  Artistic Theory and Practice  Societies and Cultures

Level 1: Foundations

Typically introductory or freshman level classes. These build essential skills for later success in their classes, careers, and lives after they leave Western.

Writing  Oral And Digital Communication  Quantitative Literacy  Inquiry and Engagement