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A collage of a male saxophonist, female violinist, male vocalist, male percussionist, and two male audiio engineers.Deep Tuition Cuts for Out-of-state Students

Western Michigan University recently capped nonresident tuition rates to dramatically reduce tuition bills for future undergraduates. Basic, main-campus tuition rates for newly admitted nonresident students are now only 1.25 times the rate that Michigan residents pay.

 2017–18 basic rates, annual tuition and required fees for a nonresident freshman or sophomore have been cut in half—to $15,536—from a long history at more than twice the in-state rate. For more information, please read this WMU news article.

Start your music career at WMU

The Western Michigan University School of Music is dedicated to the advancement of the musical arts through traditional study and performance, while promoting the development of new musical paths, which prepare students for an ever-changing profession. The School of Music serves local, state, national and international communities through performance, educational and therapeutic applications, composition, research, and technological innovation.

  • Conservatory-style training at a public university price.
  • The only university in Michigan designated as an All-Steinway School.
  • More than 800 performances on and off campus each year.
  • Career building opportunities integrated into the curriculum.
  • Partnerships with regional and national organizations.

For more information about the WMU School of Music and our alumni successes, please visit our Points of Pride page.

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