WMU finance students gain new tools through Bloomberg partnership

Contact: Stacey Markin
Photo of a student sitting at a table using a keyboard for a computer with stock symbols in the background.

WMU students can access Bloomberg Terminals in the Greenleaf Trust Trading Room.

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Western Michigan University has been named a Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner, joining just 45 universities worldwide that have the designation.

"The new Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner status illustrates our focus on linking theory with practice," says Dr. Matt Ross, assistant professor of finance. "Our students begin using the Bloomberg Terminal in the Introduction to Financial Markets course and continue to develop their skills throughout the curriculum. Finance students at WMU acquire real-world skills to complement their academic training."

Bloomberg Terminals are available in the Greenleaf Trust Trading Room, located in the Haworth College of Business, with an additional terminal available in the college’s Computer Research Laboratory.

There are several ways that students are benefiting from the Bloomberg technology.

  • Students gain experience with the most widely used financial data computer software system. 
  • With only a few limitations, such as disabled trade execution, students learn to use a primary tool of Wall Street. 
  • All finance majors and minors in the college earn the Bloomberg Market Concepts certificate as part of the Introduction to Financial Markets course. 
  • The Student Managed Investment Fund uses Bloomberg Terminals to perform market, industry and company analyses of large market capitalization U.S. stocks. This course manages a WMU Foundation investment portfolio of more than $1.5 million with the goal of outperforming the S&P 500 Index on a risk-adjusted basis. Using tools available from Bloomberg, students build financial models, present to their classmates, and then vote to determine which companies are included in the portfolio.
  • Bloomberg skills are incorporated into classroom instruction, homework assignments and make an appearance on examinations.
  • With open access to the Greenleaf Trust Trading Room between and after classes, many students use the Bloomberg Terminal to sharpen their finance skills beyond formal coursework.
Photo of a logo with the words Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner.

"The Bloomberg Terminals have helped my learning process tremendously, as the technology makes it much easier to gain access to accurate, reliable data," says junior Novena Sutiono. "Researching companies and different types of securities has never been easier, with news, historical data and trends at my fingertips. Completing the Bloomberg certification was also very useful in helping me understand more on the topics discussed in class, like fixed income and currencies."

The practical application of the data also impacted junior Spencer Robertson.

"Being able to access the Bloomberg Terminals introduced me to a variety of topics such as equities and economic indicators. I am currently a Greenleaf Trust scholar, and at the beginning of the year, I attended the firm's 'Year-in-Review Client Seminar.' During the seminar, I was able to apply the knowledge of bond yields and GDP that I learned from the Bloomberg modules to the topics being discussed at the seminar."

Faculty in the Department of Finance and Commercial Law look forward to further growing the ways Bloomberg technology can be incorporated into the curriculum.

"We are proud to be included in the elite group of Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partners," says Dr. Satish Deshpande, dean of the Haworth College of Business. "Our Bloomberg Terminals give students access to the data, news and trading tools they need to have relevant skills in the workplace. Working with the Bloomberg technology is an experience that broadens students' perspectives and skill sets immensely. We are fortunate to have several finance faculty who have expertise with Bloomberg and can share this powerful tool with our students."

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