Finding the tools to feed the world

Contact: Abbie Griffith

Jacob Remington, student in the food and consumer package goods marketing program.KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Everyone wants to leave an impact—to see the significance of their work. Western Michigan University senior Jacob Remington displays tenacity at the institution and has been able to leave his mark as a food marketing major.  

“Food is part of everybody’s lives, and the food marketing industry is centered around feeding the world,” says Remington of Grand Rapids. “Very few jobs have this kind of weight, but also the industry’s importance ensures there will always be job opportunities.”

Beginning his journey at Western as an engineering major, Remington found his true passions in his business minor. With the assistance of mentors Dr. Russell Zwanka, director of the food and consumer package goods marketing program, and Dr. Marcel Zondag, director of the integrated supply management program, Remington was confident in making the transition to a major in food marketing.

As the director of the food and consumer package goods marketing program, Zwanka has guided Remington towards many opportunities that he can use to build his resume and network with future employers, all while leaving a strong impression on him as well.

“Dr. Zwanka has helped get me involved with enriching case studies and attending industry conferences around the country,” Remington says. “He is the first person I go to for career advice because he has in-depth knowledge and experience within the industry and I know he has my best interest in mind.”

Empowered students empower others, and that is the supportive experience Remington has seen in the Food Marketing Association on campus. As the director of recruitment within the organization, the group has shown him the importance of getting involved.

“I’ve made my closest friends thanks to the Food Marketing Association and have had incredible networking opportunities with major employers. My involvement has even led to my current role as a category management intern at Kellogg’s,” he says.

Throughout Remington’s internship, he has been able to learn what the company has to offer him.

“Throughout my internship I’ve been able to contribute to real business results and network with people across the world. Being able to talk with so many people has helped show me different positions I didn’t know existed and has completely changed my career path and goals,” he says.

His exposure to the food marketing world hasn’t been limited to Michigan. Participating in a study abroad experience in Italy, he has been able to globalize his learning experience.

“Being able to spend four months and immerse myself in a new culture completely broadened my horizons when it comes to international business and life outside of the U.S.,” he says.

Crediting his fervent motivation for his success, he hopes that other students will find the same initiative in order to reach their goals.  

“If you really want something, make sure that nobody is more motivated than you to get there. I want to make sure that controllable things like my effort are never outdone by someone else,” he adds.

From Michigan to Italy, Remington has extended his passion for food marketing. Ready for any role that he might encounter, his food marketing major will support him in his mission to feed the world.

You can follow Jacob’s path to food marketing on LinkedIn.

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