Racing into human resources: Tayler Trowbridge is crossing the finish line

Contact: Amy Coughenour

KALAMAZOO, Mich.— Senior Tayler Trowbridge is finishing up her final semester at Western Michigan University with a strong sense of who she is professionally. A human resource management student at the Haworth College of Business, Trowbridge has been able to put her career skills into action with in-depth academic opportunities and internship experiences.

Throughout her time at WMU, Trowbridge has achieved a well-rounded education in business, enhancing her understanding of her chosen profession.

Photo of Tayler Trowbridge wearing a dark blazer and white shirt against a light wall“By taking courses in the business field that aren’t necessarily my focus of study, I’m able to get a full circle grasp of business so that I can better understand what I need to do in my specific area,” Trowbridge says. “The courses that I’m taking challenge me in ways that range from working on my presentation skills to giving me opportunities to apply my knowledge in class. WMU Haworth knows what we need to be ready for in the real world and helps us prepare for that by giving us plenty of chances to practice different scenarios.”

Reflecting on the Student Professional Readiness Series (SPuRS), a required set of experiences for all business students, Trowbridge feels she has gained an immense advantage. “SPuRS has helped me grow as a professional through the many events, including networking and listening to guest speakers’ advice,” she says. “WMU Haworth itself also provides its students with multiple opportunities to attend events of all types that are included in the SPuRS program. SPuRS encourages students to put themselves out there and learn about what will propel us forward in the business world.”

On top of her involvement with SPuRS, the faculty at the college have made a great impression on Trowbridge, leading her in the direction she wants to go. “The professors here provide you with the right tools and connections that truly amplify your learning experience,” she says. “My human resources professors have been extremely supportive in helping me pursue my goals and have continuously been great resources throughout my time here.”

Outside of her connections at WMU Haworth, Trowbridge has also had positive learning experiences from her internships. Spending time at Oaklawn Hospital, Tenneco, Rocket Central and her current internship at Express Employment Professionals, she has covered lots of ground in the human resources field. In her present position as a recruiting intern, Trowbridge is responsible for screening resumes, writing job summaries, completing initial phone interviews, and running the company’s Facebook page. It is because of the events held by WMU Haworth that Trowbridge has been able to create quite the resume for herself.

“The Haworth College of Business has helped me network and expand my skills,” she says. “There are multiple career fairs every year that give students chances to practice pitching ourselves to employers. I have been able to get the many internships I’ve had because of my ability to connect with others at events that the college has initiated.”

As she finishes up her final semester at WMU, Trowbridge is looking forward to her future as a graduate student at Michigan State University. Having been accepted into the School of Human Resources and Labor Relations, she will begin pursuing her master’s degree next fall. With a well-rounded education and lots of in-field exposure, Trowbridge is sure to excel in her graduate studies and her career.

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