International grad student takes big steps in the right direction

Contact: Amy Coughenour

KALAMAZOO, Mich.— Western Michigan University Haworth College of Business student Hellen Yaa Agbevey is taking her first steps toward professional success. Originally from Ghana, Africa, Agbevey is a student in WMU Haworth’s Master of Science in Finance program and on her way to achieving her goal of becoming a financial analyst. 

In her second semester in the program, Agbevey is fueling her passion for the challenging field of data analytics in finance.

“I am enthusiastic about the dynamic nature of the industry and the prospect of consistently acquiring knowledge and adapting to evolving market trends,” she says. “My area of focus is particularly intriguing due to the intersection of overall technological advancements with financial technology.”

Photo of Hellen Yaa Agbevey outside in the courtyard of Schneider HallThe Master of Science in Finance program has provided Agbevey with a multitude of opportunities, supplying her with a professional toolbox that she can pull from later in her career.

“BCM 6050-Academic Communication for Business significantly honed my analytical and professional communication skills,” she says. “Particularly noteworthy was my engagement in the Mini 3MT project where I presented a one-slide thesis and had three minutes to cover the main points. I delivered an insightful presentation on the topic of debt sustainability and the green economy in sub-Saharan African countries in preparation for the competition. It highlighted the importance of in-depth research and effective communication within a professional context for me.”

Looking for more than just academic gains, Agbevey has experienced personal exploration through her time in the program. “I have learned about time management, resilience and perseverance, networking and collaboration, and self-directed learning.”

As she continues her studies, Agbevey is committed to taking the chartered financial analyst certification exams with the goal of leveraging her knowledge, expertise and positive attitude to assist companies in attaining their financial objectives.

Broader than her overall professional goals, Agbevey also hopes to make a positive impact in the world, specifically in Africa.

Agbevey says, “I envision establishing a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting children and youth through educational scholarships, vocational training and entrepreneurship opportunities. My aim is to bring joy to the faces of talented individuals in my village and other communities in Ghana, Africa, providing them with the tools for a better life marked by financial stability and literacy.”

With a little over a year left in her program, Agbevey reflects on her time spent in the United States and at Western.

“Despite the initial challenge of adapting to the weather as an international student from a tropical region, it has been an enriching and transformative chapter in my life,” she says. “I am grateful for the faculty members, administrators and fellow students who have consistently offered support and kindness. Looking ahead, I am eager to embrace further opportunities and create memorable moments at WMU. I take great pride in being a part of the WMU community and am excited about the prospects that lie ahead.”

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