International MBA student finds dual-enrollment program the key to her success

Contact: Janine Adamski

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—MBA student Seethal Albert is embracing the unknown during her time at Western Michigan University. Originally from India, Albert is an international student at WMU, in her second year of the MBA dual-enrollment program between Christ University, Bangalore, and the WMU Haworth College of Business. Looking for unique experiences and a customized education, Albert is using her love of business to drive her to success.

Having received her degree in finance from Christ Academy Institute for Advanced Studies in 2021, Albert was inspired to dive into business further through her graduate studies at WMU Haworth. 

“I had a childhood goal of studying abroad one day. The global exposure to various viewpoints, cultures and business methods that the dual degree program offers has greatly enhanced my educational experience.”

Through her time at WMU Haworth, Albert has been able to explore who she is as a professional, adapting her goals as she learns more about how she will apply her degree.

Seethal Albert

“My aim is to use my global perspective to drive innovation in product and service adaptation for worldwide markets, or to assist a company's global expansion. My vision has been shaped by this program. I am now prepared for leadership roles, making complicated decisions, managing high-achieving teams and seeing fresh opportunities.”

As an international student, Albert has taken the challenges in her path and faced them with grace with the support of the WMU faculty. 

"Beth Ernst was my first on-campus instructor, and her flawless professionalism, well-organized curriculum and meticulous career-readiness training prepared me to take full advantage of WMU's transformative prospects. My academic advisor, Renuka Phillips has also impacted my education with her attentiveness. She assists in determining appropriate courses catered to my particular interests and talents, with my educational objectives and preferences at the forefront of it all. I am certain that my transition to WMU would not have been as smooth without their kindness and guidance.”

Pursuing graduate education in a different country has allowed Albert to assess herself as more than just a professional, but also as a student. She says, “I've discovered how adaptive and strong I can be in unfamiliar or challenging circumstances. Studying abroad has pushed me to think more critically and comprehensively about my subject matter by exposing me to many viewpoints, approaches and ways of thinking. Being so far away from family and friends has made me considerably more self-reliant, self-assured and independent on a personal level.”

With a goal to graduate in December 2024, Albert looks forward to the completion of her degree and the career ahead of her.

“My current career goals are to work for an American marketing or sales organization while pursuing my curricular practical training and optional practical training work authorizations. I can't wait to learn more about U.S. business and acquire a deeper understanding of the business world as a whole.”

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