Brandon Owen has found where he belongs

Contact: Janine Adamski

KALAMAZOO, Mich.— For Brandon Owen, Western Michigan University has been a place of growth and new beginnings. From Bridgman, Michigan, the junior at the Haworth College of Business has found his place in the supply chain management program. 

Having completed an associate degree at Lake Michigan College, Owen started down a path seeking out the experience-based learning offered at Western. 

“After going on a tour of the college, I realized that WMU Haworth was the place I wanted to be. Since starting my studies, I’ve discovered a learning environment that’s tailored to my unique goals, aspirations and interests. My favorite experiences at WMU Haworth have been my involvement in experience-driven learning and participation in undergraduate research opportunities. Each faculty member I meet is personally invested in helping me succeed as a student and plan for my career in the future. All these factors have enriched my educational experience.”

Throughout his time at WMU, Owen has surrounded himself with supportive groups that have encouraged him in his academic journey.Headshot of Brandon Owen in a grey suit with a red tie

“When I joined the Lee Honors College, I was embraced by a cohort of ambitious, high-achieving students from diverse academic backgrounds. This close-knit group provided a solid foundation on which I could depend. These early friendships fostered a sense of belonging that I believe was a key factor in my initial success at WMU,” he says. “Soon after, I discovered my community at WMU Haworth by joining the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) and Delta Sigma Pi. My mentor and the president of WMU’s SCMA, Madison Dober, has helped me stay focused and make the most of all the incredible opportunities available in our program.”

As Owen explored all the possible activities on campus, he discovered Gallup CliftonStrengths. Participating in the assessment for Student Professional Readiness Series (SPuRS) credit, Owen later met with Danielle Field, director of SPuRS, to dive deeper into the elements of his success. 

“Being aware of my CliftonStrengths, such as Learner, defined by my excitement about the process of learning and desire to continuously improve, or Focus, encompassing my tendency to choose a direction, prioritize tasks, then act, has been a guiding light during group projects and working on my honors thesis,” he says. “With this new knowledge, I feel prepared to face all challenges thrown my way.”

Each academic experience is unique to the student and their needs. Sharing some advice for his peers, Owen says, “What you get out of your university experience is entirely based on what you’re willing to put into it. The opportunities are out there—you just need to decide which ones will help you reach your individual goals. At WMU, you’ll always have advisors, fellow students and professors ready to answer any questions you have along the way.”

Owen will be studying abroad in Germany with Dr. Jim Eckert, associate professor of marketing, this summer, gaining imperative experience in the global business environment. After he graduates in summer 2025, Owen aspires to work in the aerospace or medical technology industry while earning his MBA. Later, he hopes to attend a doctoral program where he can continue researching his passions in supply chain management, cognitive psychology, leadership strategy and behavioral economics. 

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