Pre-Law Special Opportunities

Pre-Law students in the Department of Political Science at Western Michigan University will want to consider these opportunities.


Supervised internships for Pre-Law students are frequently arranged. Internship experiences provide an invaluable opportunity for educational growth and enhance a student’s undergraduate record substantially. Depending on specific interest and background, students may intern with sponsors from judicial, legislative and executive branches of government at the federal, state and local levels. Private sector internships, often with law firms or business corporations in the area may be arranged as well. Academic credit may be earned for work done as an intern. Discuss the possibilities with an advisor.

LSAT practice exams

Critical to successfully seeking admission to a law school is a solid performance on the LSAT. Practice exams are available from your pre-law advisor, as well as information on the various law schools and their LSAT score requirements.

Pre-Law Society

Western Michigan University has an active Pre-Law Society. It is a student organization that provides a means by which students sharing a common career interest might interact regularly. The society routinely sponsors discussions with judges and practicing attorneys, trips to law schools in the area and visits from admissions officials from various law schools.

Mock Trial

There is also a Mock Trial team at Western Michigan University. Participating in American Mock Trial Association competitions help students learn about the American legal system and trial advocacy in particular. Participating in Mock Trial, the student will learn and sharpen such skills as problem analysis, seeing more than one side to a situation, working on a team, speaking persuasively, and thinking on one’s feet. Students have the opportunity to compete at both the regional and national level.