Creating a Budget

The budget is the translation of the work plan into dollars and cents. Preparing a budget can be very complex and should be started early in the grant process to avoid problems. Consult a research program officer for assistance.

Video of F&A Funding: The Bedrock of Biomedical Research

Budget templates

The following spreadsheets will be a great help in creating a budget. Be sure to:

  • Work with the current academic year template so data is correct.
  • View the tabs along the bottom on the worksheet for pertinent information and rates.
  • If the existing budget was prepared in an old template, contact a research program officer to convert to the current rates or adjust the formulas.  

Template with Basic Budget 2023-24

Template with Cost Share 2023-24

Note: Cost share is only considered when required by the sponsor.

Administrator Incentive Plan for Extramural Research

New January 1, 2020: plan to incentivize extramural funded research by non-collective bargaining unit administrators that may include grad or undergrad students.

Important links for budget information