Post-award Responsibilities

Tasks by Unit

Managing a sponsored project involves many moving pieces.  The chart below describes responsibilities between the Principal Investigator, department administration, and the Grants and Contracts office related to a myriad of tasks.

Department and PI Expectations
Grants and Contracts Responsibility

Pro-card application and purchasing

Confirm purchase aligns with grant budget category and grant program allowability. Allocate purchases in Works system with business purpose details. Monthly statement report signed by card holder and card holder’s supervisor with all receipts should be emailed to Grants & Contracts Monthly statements are due to Grants and Contracts by the 20th business day of the month. After 35 business days, the card may be suspended if documents are not submitted to Grants and Contracts.

Procurement Card Application & Tips

Review and approve pro-card application. Collect pro-card documentation for audit purposes. Oversight of grant purchases.

Pre-Award Backstop

Use the Pre-Award Account Request form when the official award has not been received and expenditures need to begin. Fill out form. Do not exceed the limit amount approved during the dates indicated on the form.

Setup pre-award account reflecting begin and end date on Pre-Award Account Request form. Send approved Pre-Award Account form back to department with fund and department ID setup.

Planned Effort/Cost- Share

Complete Planned Effort form based on actual time the PI/other grant staff will be released for the period of grant appointment. If the form will be for key personnel (PI and Co-PI), the effort reflected on the form should not be 25% less than proposed effort. Email completed form to Grants and Contracts Department May have to complete JES if form is submitted after the first pay period of the appointment period reflected on the form. If the appointment period is already confirmed in ecrt, please see Cost Transfer section.

Review Planned Effort form against approved budget, confirm that release time corresponds with proposed effort and grant dates. Enter into PSHR system for distribution every pay period. If form is submitted late, notify department which JES needs to be completed.

Faculty Additional (Summer) Appointments

Provide summer workload and/or dollar amount per project and complete Summer Salary Worksheet. Obtain approval of Summer Salary Worksheet. Enter in PSHR Workflow appointment. Form could be denied if period is already confirmed in ecrt.

Review form against approved budget, grant dates and 95% effort limit. Approve PSHR Workflow appointment.

Graduate Assistantship Appointments

Confirm funds still remain in grant account prior to submitting forms. Apply for grant tuition fund code through Banner. Facilitate letter, obtain signatures, and send letter to Grad College. Enter appointment in Banner and PSHR Workflow.

Review PSHR workflow form and Banner tuition workflow form against approved budget and grant dates.

Technology Purchases

Note: most technology purchases need to have Grants and Contracts approval and purchases cannot be made with grant pro-card. Technology purchases over $5,000 must be reviewed by Purchasing before grants approval. The OIT technology purchase process includes getting grants approval.

Review OIT work order against approved budget (not within last 60 days of grant without exception approval). If purchase is over $5,000, verify approval from Purchasing was received.


Ultimately responsible for budget management.  All expenses must be within approved budget, otherwise contact Grants and Contracts before proceeding. Monthly review of expenditures is recommended.

Review budget exceptions against sponsor regulations.

Budget Revision

Complete University Prior Approval and Budget Revision forms. PI ultimately responsible for budget revision. Making sure revision is within program allowability and sponsor regulations. Many Federal agencies allow for expanded authorities. May recommend revisions when categories are overspent that would affect F&A.

Review budget revision requests against sponsor regulations. Program allowability is responsibility of PI. 

Cost Transfer Request

Fill out Cost Transfer Request form to completion (Answer Questions 1-6 based on the original transaction date of the expense). Expense must be in approved budget. 

Review expense against approved budget and grant dates. IF expense is beyond 90 days from original transaction date (or if payroll expense is for ecrt period already confirmed), review answers 4-6 for extenuating circumstances 

Sub-award Invoice

Invoice review form will be emailed from Grants and Contracts to PI and admin. Review and sign review form and voucher. Check subaward <25K object code in GLOW. Complete Generic Voucher and return to Grant and Contracts. 

Send invoice review form and sub-award invoice to PI copying administrative staff. After receiving voucher, complete invoice review form and send to AP. 

JES Transactions

(See Cost Transfer Request section) Enter JES – email to Grants and Contracts for approval with backup documentation. 

Review backup documentation and cost transfer form.


ecrt Department Coordinator will pre-review personnel charges in GLOW and Planned Effort forms. Then PI will Confirm ecrt amounts after Pre-review.

ecrt Quick Guide for PI and Department Coordinator

Send out reminders for ecrt pre-review and confirmation.

Vendor Contract

Work with Purchasing Department and Business Services. Obtain SOW, Sole Source Justification form (if necessary), and provide all information from vendor. 

Review against approved budget and grant dates.

Temporary Staff Appointments

Follow department and HR procedure for hiring. Enter in PSHR Workflow form. Responsible for time-sheet collection, review and entering hours into KRONOS. 

Review against approved budget and grant dates.

Sponsor required reports

Review award document for reporting requirements. (ORI sponsor required reports procedure-in process will include contacting ORI within a certain timeframe if ORI must sign or submit report)

May assist with gathering financial data for reporting period expenditures or for projecting future expenditures needed for reports. Reports MUST be submitted on time to avoid delay in continuation funding or future proposal submissions.

Responsible for required financial reports. Will contact PI to confirm expenditures for reporting period.

Grant Closure

Receive grant termination letter 120 days before grant ends. Review Project Closeout Procedure and follow requirements.

Send out grant termination letter 120 days before grant ends. Work with PI to confirm final expenses to submit final financial reports within sponsor deadlines.

Independent Contract

Work with Purchasing Department and Business Services. Obtain SOW, Sole Source Justification form (if necessary). Complete Independent Contractor form, Exhibit B form for Federal Grants and Exhibit C form for NSF grants. Collect W-9 if needed.

Review against approved budget and grant dates. Email approved form to Business Services. 

Hiring Student Employees

Responsible for time-sheet collection and review. Facilitate hiring process and provide student with information regarding timekeeping.

Review PSHR workflow form against approved budget and grant dates.


Gift Card Purchasing

Fill out Gift Card Authorization form including description and route for signature.

Keep a gift card disbursement log. (Current WMU students not eligible – must be processed as scholarship or Prize Award). Voucher should reflect 1790 account code if gift cards will be distributed over a period of time and not immediate review 1790 against gift card log and complete JES to transfer to expense code monthly/quarterly depending on disbursement schedule.


Review Gift Card Authorization form against approved budget and within grant dates. Approve and send back to department. After gift card disbursement log received, review the 1790 balance and approve JES to transfer to expense code.


Prize Award

Provide all student information and description of award competition. Submit to financial or Accounts Payable based on information from PI and Prize Award form.

Review expense at time of invoice to sponsor.


Apply for grant tuition and/or stipend fund code through Banner. Collect all student information, provide scholarship amount. Send correct year Grant Funded Scholarship form to Grants and Contracts, and track scholarships.

Review form and send to Student Financial Aid. 

Reimbursement Vouchers

 Process repayment via Generic Voucher. Provide receipt, F/CC and justification.

Review expense at time of invoice to sponsor.


Complete travel authorization form and follow WMU travel polices. Submit all travel receipts. Provide all travel information for students and non-employees Complete Travel Expense Voucher.

Review international travel authorization against approved budget and grant dates. Review actual travel expenses at time of invoice to sponsor.