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If you want to major in Spanish, Western Michigan University offers two options for you. The first is a language, literature and culture program leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Arts and Sciences. The second is also a language, literature, linguistics and culture program, but it leads to a teaching degree from the College of Education and Human Development.

Both options include a strong focus on Spanish culture. Basic coursework covers fundamental, intermediate and advanced Spanish language as well as Spanish culture, Spanish-America, Hispanics in the United States, literature and linguistics. To round out your program, you will choose electives with the help of your advisor. The education curriculum is similar to the arts and sciences curriculum, but provides additional training that will prepare you to teach Spanish at the middle and high school levels.




We are pleased that you are considering undergraduate study at Western Michigan University. The WMU Office of Admissions website has important information that you need to know in order to apply for undergraduate admission.

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  • SPAN 4400 provides students with a valuable opportunity to utilize and improve their Spanish language skills through internship or service experience in the Kalamazoo community.

Study abroad

The department encourages students to study abroad.

Curriculum tips

  • Refer to the catalog year for your specific program.
  • Online placement and monitored test-out exams are required before enrolling in any Spanish course.
  • Spanish majors must satisfy WMU's baccalaureate writing requirement by successfully completing Hispanic Literature in English Translation World Literature in English Translation (LANG 3750).
  • Only courses in which a grade of C or better is obtained will be counted toward a Spanish major or minor.

Scholarships and awards

Undergraduate students may apply for scholarships and awards with the department and outside of the department.