Administrative Assistant II
(269) 387-3023
Photo of Albert Asiedu-Larbi
Teaching Assistant
Photo of Robert Felkel
Professor Emeritus
Photo of Antonio Isea
Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3041
Photo of Lindsay Jeffers
Faculty Specialist and Advisor for Educators Pathway
(269) 387-3006
Photo of Irene Kivinen
Part-time Instructor
Photo of Irma Lopez
Dean of the Lee Honors College
(269) 387-3230
Photo of Patricia Montilla
Associate Professor of Spanish and Director of Graduate Studies
(269) 387-3040
Photo of Alba Nuño Pérez
Teaching Assistant
Photo of Natalio Ohanna
Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3018
Photo of Sandra Olletey
Teaching Assistant
Photo of Alexa Paiz Osorio
Teaching Assistant
Photo of Marta Pérez Cantero
Teaching Assistant
Photo of Mariola Pérez de la Cruz
Master Faculty Specialist, Undergraduate Advisor, and Director of the Burgos Program
(269) 387-3015
Photo of Mercedes Tasende
Professor of Spanish and Director of the Costa Rica program
(269) 387-3003
Photo of Benjamín Torres
Professor of Spanish and Undergraduate Advisor
(269) 387-3028
Photo of Mercedes Tubino
Associate Professor of Spanish (On sabbatical AY 2023-24)
(269) 387-3012
Photo of Solomon Turkson
Teaching Assistant
Photo of Robert Vann
Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3042
Photo of Kristina Wirtz
Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-nnnn
Photo of Anita Zandstra
Teaching Assistant
(269) 387-2480
Photo of Germán Zárate-Sández
Associate Professor of Spanish, Director of Introductory Language, and Interim Director of the Quito Study Abroad Program
(269) 387-3039