Administrative Assistant II
(269) 387-3023
Photo of Antonio Isea
Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3041
Photo of Lindsay Jeffers
Faculty Specialist and Advisor for Educators Pathway
(269) 387-3001
Photo of Irene Kivinen
Part-time Instructor
Photo of Irma Lopez
Interim Dean of the Lee Honors College
(269) 387-2558
Teaching Assistant
Photo of Michael Millar
Study Abroad Advisor
(269) 387-3026
Photo of Patricia Montilla
Director of Graduate Studies
(269) 387-3040
Photo of Natalio Ohanna
Associate Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3018
Photo of Mariola Pérez de la Cruz
Master Faculty Specialist of Spanish and Director of Introductory Language
(269) 387-3015
Photo of Sandra Raak
PhD candidate
Photo of Guadalupe Rubio Muro
Teaching Assistant
Photo of Mercedes Tasende
Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3003
Photo of Benjamín Torres
Undergraduate Advisor
(269) 387-3028
Photo of Mercedes Tubino
Assistant Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3012
Photo of Robert Vann
Undergraduate Advisor
(269) 387-3042
Photo of Kristina Wirtz
Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-nnnn
Photo of Anita Zandstra
Teaching Assistant
(269) 387-2480
Photo of Germán Zárate-Sández
Associate Professor of Spanish
(269) 387-3039