Study Abroad

The Department of Spanish at Western Michigan University is very supportive of students' efforts to study abroad. Faculty place a high priority on mastery of the Spanish language and the acquisition of cultural insights gained during residence in Spanish-speaking countries.



It is expected that before graduation, all Ph.D. students will spend at least six months in residence or study in a Spanish-speaking country. Many students will have fulfilled this expectation as undergraduates, but they are urged to seek additional opportunities to study abroad. WMU has exchange agreements with the:

  • Universidad de Burgos in Burgos, Spain
  • Universidad de Querétaro in Querétaro, Mexico
  • Universidad de Cantabria in Santander, Spain

Many graduate students are eligible for scholarships offered at these institutions. Graduate students are also eligible for a President's Grant for Study Abroad awarded by the University, as well as certain departmental scholarships. There is no graduate study abroad program scheduled for 2022-23.

Study abroad advisor

Dr. Mercedes Tasende 

Study abroad program directors

Non-departmental programs