Undergraduate Scholarships

The Department of Spanish at Western Michigan University offers scholarships and awards to assist students in developing their Spanish language skills through continuing coursework and study abroad.

Departmental awards requiring application

Apply via ScholarshipUniverse for all Department of Spanish scholarships.


All Department of Spanish scholarships require the same application form.

Here are some instructions.

To find scholarships for Spanish, you may enter “Spanish” in the search bar.

Application deadline for all scholarships is Feb. 1. You are welcome to apply early.

Scholarship descriptions:

Review the scholarship criteria and apply via ScholarshipUniverse by the deadline. Students will be notified by phone or WMU email to arrange an interview with the scholarship committee if their application is accepted.

Scholarships and awards not requiring application

Recipients are selected by Department of Spanish faculty on the basis of academic excellence and dedication to Spanish language study.

  • Mathilde Steckelberg Scholarship: One award each in Classics, French, German and Spanish of approximately $500 each is awarded during spring semester.

  • Herb B. Jones Scholarship: This award is approximately $500 and honors the beloved section head and professor of Spanish at WMU. It is awarded during spring semester.
  • Suzanne M. Wheatley Scholarship (same name, but separate from the one above): This scholarship of up to $1500 honors the memory of WMU Spanish student Suzie Wheatley, who attended WMU from 1985 to 1988, and is awarded during the spring semester to a student or students who embody some of her remarkable qualities, such as her love for the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures and her zest for life.
  • Carolyn Harris Award: This award was established in memory of Dr. Carolyn Harris, who was a professor and undergraduate advisor in the Department of Spanish from 1985 to 2014. It is awarded to an undergraduate student who embodies some of Carolyn's outstanding qualities of generosity, kindness, service orientation, and being passionate about what they do.
  • Michael Braun Award: This award was established in memory of Professor Michael Braun, who was a WMU Spanish graduate and professor who inspired and advised many students to become Spanish teachers. It is awarded to an undergraduate student who shares Michael's passion for teaching and plans to become an educator.
  • Professor Michael Millar Scholarship: This scholarship is meant to help students of Spanish at WMU, preferably Spanish majors or minors, who participate in study abroad programs and service learning and internship opportunities in Spanish. Preference is given to students who participate in faculty-led programs run by the Department of Spanish, as well as service-learning and internship opportunities offered by the department.

Other annual department awards

  • Spanish Student Support Scholarship

Non-departmental undergraduate scholarships and awards

Additional scholarship information is available from: