Online Placement Exam at Western Michigan University

All students who wish to continue at Western Michigan University the study of a foreign language they began in high school or which they learned on their own need to take the WebCape Online Placement Exam below. The online exam is available in French, German and Spanish. It is designed to help students determine which WMU language course is appropriate for their level of preparedness.

The WebCape Online Placement Exam may be taken only once and must be taken before students begin their first class in that language at WMU. The online exam cannot be used to satisfy any foreign language requirement nor are any credits awarded on the basis of the exam. Thus, accepting help of any kind, for instance consulting a dictionary or another person, could result in a course placement beyond the student’s readiness.

The WebCape Online Placement Exam is designed to help you determine which course you should take, based on your ability. The exam presents questions of different ability levels, adapting the next question's level according to your answers. The number of items you will be required to complete depends upon your ability to use the language. The duration of the test varies, but it usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to finish.

Take the Online Placement Exam

To take the Online Placement Exam, you need:

  • Your WIN—Western Identification Number (not your Social Security Number).
  • You will create your own account when you go to take the test. Be sure to write down your login information and your score.

Be sure to enter ACCURATE information in the required fields on the form. Otherwise your score may not be posted correctly.

Take the Online Placement Exam now


When the exam is complete, it indicates to you an overall score and the corresponding WMU course in which you should register. Print out or make note of your exam results for use in registering later. It can take up to 24 hours for the system to update the score and allow you to register for the approved course. Your results are also available to the advisor for the language in which you have tested. If you have questions about your placement, contact the appropriate department: