The web at Western Michigan University is broadly defined to include all web-based activities sanctioned by or funded by WMU, in part or whole, including infrastructure, content, assessment and management.

Offices charged with primary oversight are information technology and marketing and strategic communications, which share responsibilities in areas such as accessibility and compliance with applicable laws and industry regulations. Marketing and strategic communications has oversight of all content, and information technology has oversight of infrastructure, security and system integration.

WMU's web presence is the preeminent tool for communicating with and conducting transactions with the University's most important internal and external audiences, and is indispensable to the delivery of instruction and other core services.

The University strives for a web presence that is well-designed, aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and accessible to people of all abilities.

Mass email and other mass electronic communication

Information technology and marketing and strategic communications have similar shared oversight of mass email and other forms of mass electronic messaging, with the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications relations being the principal gatekeeper for all such mass messages.

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