News articles

News articles can be created by reporters to provide stories of interest that can be shared across sections.

How to create a news article

  1. Click on Add Content in the administration menu and choose News article.

  2. Enter the Headline for the article in news case, capitalizing only the first word and proper nouns.

  3. Select the Section this page is being created in.

  4. Add a Summary, used as a teaser for the article.

  5. Add content to the Body field.

  6. Upload or select Attachments to add if you need to create links to any files in the Body.

  7. Provide the Byline name, the contact listed on the article.

  8. Provide the Byline email, the address to email when the contact link on the article is clicked.

  9. Upload an Image to be displayed with the Headline when the article is placed on other pages.

  10. Press the Save button at the bottom of the page.