Working With a Bulletin

A bulletin is a tool that we use to communicate with WMU faculty, staff and retirees. We distribute these bulletins through the WMU Today online portal, to which people from across campus can publish their own bulletin items. WMU Today submissions are only accepted through WMU CMS—they are not accepted through email.

What would make a good bulletin?

Bulletins are intended to be brief. The types of bulletins appropriate for WMU Today include, but are not limited to:

  • Faculty/staff accolades

  • Notifications regarding road closures and campus construction

  • Messages about WMU information technology changes, outages or offerings

  • On-campus lectures

  • WMU workshops

  • Retirement receptions

  • Job and volunteer opportunities for employees

  • Applications for Faculty Fellow positions

  • Administrative Professional Association lunch-and-learn sessions and other WMU-sponsored campus events

Bulletins submitted and posted on WMU Today are intended for faculty, staff members and retirees; they should not include announcements intended to reach student audiences. They should also not include messages from outside vendors or businesses, or messages about events not hosted or sponsored by WMU.

How to create a bulletin

Bulletins can be created by WMU CMS authors and published by WMU CMS publishers. Once published, a bulletin is displayed in the WMU Today online portal for a maximum of two weeks. A list of a section's bulletins is also available in the WMU CMS dashboard.

  1. Click on Add content in the administration menu and click on Bulletin.

  2. Enter the Title of your bulletin.

  3. Choose your Section.

  4. Enter the Text of the bulletin.

  5. Optionally, provide a Link title and URL. Use this to direct readers to a website for more information, to sign up, etc.

  6. Enter a Sunrise and Sunset date and time. The bulletin will only appear in the WMU Today online portal on and after the sunrise date, and it will be automatically hidden after the sunset date. The sunset date must be no more than 14 days after the sunrise date.

  7. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Once you save, the bulletin will need to proceed through the moderation process before it becomes published.

What happens after a bulletin is published?

All published bulletins will appear in the WMU Today online portal. From this repository, the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications will also select items to feature in the weekly WMU Today email sent to faculty, staff and retirees.

About WMU Today

WMU Today is a compilation of concise campus bulletins published to an online portal and also emailed to faculty, staff and retirees each week.

Submissions for WMU Today will no longer be accepted by email. With this workflow change, employees will submit bulletins using WMU CMS. Anyone with an author role in WMU CMS can create a bulletin, and those with a publisher role can then publish the bulletin so that it appears immediately in the WMU Today online portal.

Each Tuesday, a selection of four to five bulletins from WMU Today online will be sent as an email digest to faculty, staff and retirees. This weekly email will include a link to the WMU Today online portal featuring all bulletins.