Each CMS user account is assigned one or more roles for one or more sections.  A user's assigned roles determine what they are or are not able to do in their assigned sections in the CMS.  The available roles in the CMS are as follows:

  • Author—creates and edits most content

  • Blogger—creates and edits blog posts

  • Manager—creates and edits some advanced content and manages the section menu

  • Publisher—reviews and approves content created by authors and bloggers to make it publicly available

  • Reporter—creates and edits news articles

  • Webform results viewer—able to view submissions to webforms

Learn more about each role by clicking the links above.

You can request changes to the roles assigned to a CMS user from the Web Services and Standards main page. In the "I need to..." section, click on "Request or change CMS user access," then click "Modify a user's CMS access" to fill out a work order.