A student, wearing a mask and earphones, walks through the lobby of the Haworth College of Business.

January 2022 Newsletter

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  • Julie Schwark smiles at the camera.

    A decision that adds up

    Choosing to study finance with a minor in business analytics is a decision that has added up nicely for Julie Schwark. As a Business Bronco, she has found experiences that not only appeal to her interests, but have given her the skills to jump right into a career in finance.

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  • Janelle Tischer smiles at the camera.

    From motors to mouse ears: Alumna crafts advertising expertise

    WMU Haworth alumna Janelle Tischer, B.B.A.’00, has dominated the fast-paced advertising industry by working with blue chip brands such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, Sprint and now Disney. Her most recent accolade was being named the 115th president of Adcraft Detroit, the oldest nonprofit advertising association in the country.

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