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Apply to WMU

We are thrilled that you are interested in studying business at Western Michigan University!

Our blend of coursework, experiential learning, and supportive faculty and staff creates the perfect environment for you to succeed. From day one through graduation, you will experience real business issues in classes, projects and internships. You will practice what you want to pursue professionally long before you accept your first job, and the experiences you have here will make you an attractive candidate for employers.

To get started, you first need to apply to WMU and declare your major as pre-business. Once you complete all of your pre-business requirements, you will then apply to the Haworth College of Business and select your major—the area of business that most suits your goals.

Still not sure that business is for you? Check out our information on choosing a business major for the types of courses you will take and the variety of career paths you could choose with your B.B.A. from WMU Haworth. In addition to academic advising, the Zhang Career Center offers career resources for you to explore—by major, career pathway or salary.

Video of 17 Majors with Personalized Experience