Donovan McVey is wearing an orange shirt and standing in front of a brick wall.

Donovan McVey, B.B.A.’18

Pioneering Pro

Co-Founder and Growth Director, Room 35 

Some people can cite an adventure or two that altered their trajectory in life. For Donovan McVey, co-founder of Room 35, it was a backpacking expedition through the Yukon, British Columbia and Alaska, where he was immersed in the remote wilderness with a team of like-minded individuals—an environment that quickly developed his leadership and problem-solving skills.

That experience bettered a ‘think on the fly’ mentality for McVey, which he was able to implement in his professional life as a financial consultant at the time. His natural motivation for connecting with others helped him co-found a business consulting firm, Room 35, with Joshua Gray, a fellow Bronco and The 30 honoree. Room 35 aims to foster thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems and support the growth of construction firms, particularly in underrepresented communities.

The company’s purpose is to incorporate the human element into its business strategy and consulting services, and that is palpable from McVey’s perspective. Keeping positive experiences and results at the forefront for clients has yielded great partnerships with the city of Kalamazoo, PNC Bank, Stryker and Southwest Michigan First, among others. Raising over $4 million in new business for clients in 2022 has McVey excited for their continued work in Kalamazoo and beyond.

Best Advice:

“Always see how situations are happening for you and not to you.”