Laura Mullen is wearing an olive green blazer and sitting near a window.

Laura Mullen, B.B.A.’16

The Caring Coach

Mobile Product Owner, Ally Bank+

As a mobile product owner at Ally Bank and figure skating coach in her free time, Laura Mullen has landed a triple axel in life. Her drive to succeed and passion for technology shines through at Ally as she creates user-friendly and valuable budgeting tools to help consumers successfully tackle money management.

She started her digital support journey at Meijer in the merchandising department, then moved to the digital shopping team where her dedication to supporting customers and helping individuals navigate their life was exemplified in her work. Mullen is the supportive figure every team needs and was awarded the Meijer Mentor of the Year for her guidance of and mentorship with a summer intern. 

For the past three years, Mullen has spent her spare time co-coaching a figure skating team and has empowered her young skaters to bring home five National Showcase medals.

Bucket List:

“In 2017, I made a life goal to run a half marathon in every state. I have only checked off six so far (due to COVID-19) but plan to knock out three more in 2023. The most epic one I have completed was a nighttime desert run through Joshua Tree National Park!”