Build a Professional Network

Professional networking must play an important role throughout your career. If you want to achieve professional success, you should start career networking as quickly as possible.


If you know you are about to speak with a potential employer, have something relevant to talk about. Learn about the organization you would like to work for before you make that critical first impression.

Attend Career Events

Whether a social event is organized by your college or your community, you can use this as an opportunity for connecting with influential people.

Connect via Social Media

Use social networking platforms to connect with others. Participate in online conversations on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Get in touch with employers, industry experts, recruiters, passionate people, and others.

Meet as Many People as You Can

While you are studying in college, you should meet with as many people as possible. Introduce yourself to faculty, staff and other students. You never know who you will meet by regularly interacting with a variety of people.

Never Lead with your Need

A proper conversation never revolves around one person. You may need an internship or a job, but that need will not qualify you for one. A professional exchange of appropriate information can lead to new opportunities.  


If you want to expand your network and benefit from it, you need to become an active listener. Listening is a great skill, which you can use to attract a lot of people. So, don’t just speak. Let other people share their point of view.  

Follow Up

Before you finish networking, remember to ask for that individual’s contact information and use it. Try to follow up with your new contacts within 48 hours via e-mail.