Reference List Guidance

  • Select three to five people who can provide support for your abilities, accomplishments, potential, and performance. Possible references include past or present employers, faculty members, student organization advisors, and supervisors of volunteer or service learning experiences.
  • Always secure permission before including names as references.  Remember to send a note of thanks.
  • Provide each reference with a copy of your resume and some idea of your employment goals.
  • Include name, professional title, organization, complete address, phone number, and email.
  • References are usually contacted by telephone and need not write letters unless asked.
  • List references in alphabetical order by last name.  Repeat the same heading used on your resume, in the same font style, to present a uniform appearance throughout your application materials.
  • Consider adding a line identifying the reference’s relationship to you, e.g., “Relationship: former supervisor.”