Tech Talk

External Sender Notification now active

Posted by Gary Barton on

As of April 18, all messages received in your WMU-owned email from external senders now indicate they were sent from outside of Western Michigan University.

Help Hub

Posted by Gary Barton on

Discover resources and get support for technology, teaching, and learning at Help Hub.

Knowing what the hackers know about your password

Posted by Lindsay Rogers on

When was the last time you changed your password? It’s probably been a while. Most people are educated on the importance of creating a strong password to protect their data, however, not everyone is taught on how cybercriminals can hack your account. Create a strong password knowing how cybercriminal password hacking methods.

Connect to GoVPN Virtual Private Network

Posted by Lindsay Rogers on

Working on a virtual private network will help students, faculty, and staff work productively and securely from home. Students, faculty, and non-IT staff can remotely access campus services by connecting to Western Michigan University’s GoVPN Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

WMU + 2FA = A Safer U

3 Things You Should Know About 2FA

Posted by Lindsay Rogers on

Western Michigan University students are now required to use the Duo Mobile application alongside their username and password to gain access to their GoWMU student portal.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Get More Done with Cisco Webex Web Conferencing

Posted by Lindsay Rogers on

Cisco Webex is now available to all students, faculty, and staff offering rich, real-time collaborative web meetings and presentations. The suite provides a powerful set of tools that keeps users connected such as web conferencing, personal meeting rooms, screen sharing, interactive training environments, large-scale online events, and integration with W-Exchange email.  

Student looking at phone.

How to Protect Your Online Data With 2FA

Posted by Lindsay Rogers on

On Jan. 22, two-factor authentication (2FA) will be required for currently enrolled students to gain access to their WMU account and other campus services that require a BroncoNet ID and password. The services will include but are not limited to GoWMU, Elearning, and W-Exchange. 

Prototype electric-ducted fan.

Reaching New Heights with 3D Printing

Posted by Lindsay Rogers on

3D-printing at Western Michigan University is changing how students solve real-world problems in the classroom.

Esports Gaming Station Expansion at the University Computing Center

Posted by Lindsay Rogers on

The gaming section of Western Michigan University’s Computing Center Lab recently expanded by four new stations adding up to 20 total stations. This expansion creates more availability for students that regularly practice for competitive tournaments or are actively involved in the gaming community.