Auden Ceithaml is part of a winning team

Contact: Abbie Griffith

Auden Ceithaml

KALAMAZOO, Mich.− Auden Ceithaml is making an impression at Western Michigan University in terms of reach, likes, comments and shares. A digital marketing and eCommerce major from Holland, Michigan, she realized her passion for social media marketing as soon as she arrived on campus.

“I chose my major because I know that my dream job is to do social media marketing for a professional sports team. I met with Dr. Scott Cowley, associate professor of marketing, and immediately knew that Western was where I was meant to be,” she says.

Cowley has been a source of guidance and inspiration for Ceithaml. As her mentor and professor, he’s an individual who is always available to discuss a new opportunity or to offer a helping hand.

“He knew me by name after the first time we talked which I was impressed by,” says Ceithaml. “Dr. Cowley has set me up for success at WMU Haworth, and I know that he’ll continue to look out for me even after I graduate. I feel very lucky to have had him as my primary professor for my major at Western.”

With a mentor by her side, opportunities became apparent at all angles—from student organizations to case competitions.

“I’ve been a part of Digital Marketing at WMU, a student organization in the college, since it began, which has been an amazing experience. It allowed me to meet Olivia Jones, my mentor currently working in the field, and has helped me make friends within my major.”

Screenshots of the WMU men's soccer team's Instagram before (left) and after (right) Auden Ceithaml managed their account.

Screenshots of the WMU men's soccer team's Instagram before (left) and after (right) Auden Ceithaml managed their account.

Through the professional development and leadership skills gained as a member of the executive board of Digital Marketing at WMU, Ceithaml and her team were able to confidently place in the top five out of 163 competitors internationally at the spring 2022 Digital Marketing Competition.

The connections made while at Western have been endless for Ceithaml. From fellow students who have served as mentors to industry professionals, networking has been critical to her success.

“Last year at the WMU Homecoming luncheon honoring business award recipients, I was able to have lunch with Psyche Terry, B.B.A.’03, CEO of Urban Hydration, and I received her contact information to connect with her in the future,” Ceithaml says.

Being able to explore both her creative and analytical sides through opportunities, she has discovered her excitement for new technology, developing her skillset for her future in digital marketing.  

“I’m learning skills in search engine optimization and social media that I had no idea about before, and that I find so interesting. I wouldn’t have been able to learn these skills in such a hands-on way if I had gone to any other college,” she says.

Since her first year at Western, Ceithaml has been promoting the Western men’s soccer team on their social media. This year, she’s been able to travel and work with the team to showcase their wins throughout the entirety of the NCAA tournament.

Ceithaml’s found her team at Western and with the experience under her belt, she’ll be able to reach out to any professional sports team and show them how prepared she is to be a part of their team too.

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