The Vitt Factor: empowering students to make their mark

Contact: Amy Coughenour

Caden Vittorini

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Western Michigan University sophomore Caden Vittorini from Chicago, Illinois, certainly has the "it" factor. With the mission to mentor the newest generation of budding professionals, Vittorini’s growing business, Vitt Factor, is creating accessible opportunities for youth to develop their interview techniques and communication skills. Diving into his entrepreneurial role in the summer of 2022, Vittorini doesn’t plan on ever holding back his dreams.

“Many people think about following their passions, but they wait until the ‘right’ time—a perfect time that may never come,” he says. “So, I just went for it. I launched my company, and it has exceeded my expectations in many ways. I have over 20 clients that I am mentoring currently.”

Vitt Factor targets young people from 10 to 18 years old. Vittorini noticed that youth in the digital age have been struggling to build their confidence in communication skills, networking and many other important aspects of business.

“I saw a big need in this demographic and know my strengths, so I really wanted to give back,” he states. “Most of the time, young people don’t know how to successfully start, expand on or end a conversation. I teach them how by giving them tips, and I have them practice and execute what I am coaching them on.”

In January 2023, Vittorini hosted his first-ever, in-person event. With 125 attendees, the sold-out Vitt Factor Professional Networking Event located in Bolingbrook, Illinois, was a resounding success for the entrepreneur whose goal was to help others his age begin networking and connecting in fresh, unique ways. Discovering much about the event planning process during the initial stages, Vittorini’s hard work paid off.

“There was so much going on behind the scenes—many little details I hadn't thought about prior to beginning the process of planning the event. I had to vet the speakers and gain sponsors, among other items. I’m so grateful for the generosity I was shown from executives and others who provided advice and connections for this effort,” he says.

The event was emceed by Steve Kashul, former Chicago Bulls television and radio host, and featured inspiring guest speakers from an MLB crew chief and former NFL player to CEOs , competition winners and visionaries. Twenty companies sponsored the event, ranging from Crumbl Cookie and CareerBuilder, to the Bolingbrook Golf Club where the event took place.

Reflecting on the outcomes of the inaugural event, Vittorini is moved by the positive responses from the participants—how empowered they are after the event sessions to continue their professional journeys.

Eager to expand the reach of his business, he is already in the planning stages for two more professional development events. While his most recent one was geared toward college-aged individuals, his upcoming projects are being designed for a younger crowd, as well as for those interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

With an idealistic mindset and a passion for sharing his success with others, Vittorini is using his education at Western to his benefit—and to benefit others.

“I am an entrepreneur, so everything that I am learning at Western I will use in my current and future positions. My goal is to bring something valuable to everyone that I meet. I like to give more than I take in my connections,” he says.

Motivated to always grow and do more, Vittorini is excited about his future and hopes that others can feel the same excitement through his business.

“I have learned that you can have all the skills you need to be successful, but if you are not taking advantage of what’s around you, then it doesn’t matter. I am a big believer in opportunities—create your own, talk to people, dig in and be present. If I lead with the goal to help others, then everything else will fall into place,” he says.

With future events that will educate clients on interview tactics, communication best practices and the importance of networking, you can follow Vittorini’s journey on LinkedIn to learn more.

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