Passion for learning prompts MBA student to pursue business analytics certificate

Contact: Amy Coughenour

KALAMAZOO, Mich.Natalie Tice, B.B.A.’11, is always up for a challenge. Whether it’s building efficiencies in the field of supply chain or tackling a new course of study in her MBA program, she is committed to learning and growing throughout her life.

That thirst for knowledge inspired Tice to take her skills to the next level with an MBA. She chose to return to Western Michigan University, largely because of the option to add a graduate certificate in business analytics. “The most appealing part of the program was the opportunity to learn data analytics,” she says. “I’m very excited to build knowledge in this area and apply those skills to reporting and analytic work within my career.”

Natalie Tice

That new knowledge is already proving to be useful in Tice’s career at the Kellogg Company. Recently promoted to a new role, she is putting her coursework into practice in her everyday life as a senior manager, customer supply chain and order to delivery.

“I manage a group of strategic customers from a supply chain perspective, focusing on delivering improved on-time and in-full metrics, driving strategic initiatives and implementing customer logistics programs.” Tice says. “Since my MBA is focused on supply chain with the business analytics certificate, my current education is proving to be an invaluable asset.”

Collaboration with other MBA students has also been a highlight of the program for Tice. “My favorite experience so far has been building relationships with my peers. It’s great to go through this program together and work with these amazing professionals through multiple classes.”

Tice appreciates the unique perspective that comes from having students of varying backgrounds in the MBA program. “I have been fortunate enough to take courses with students from multiple career paths,” Tice says. “It’s so beneficial to learn from their perspectives and see how those in other industries may approach the situations we discuss in class.”

Another factor that led to Tice’s decision to enroll at WMU is the fact that the MBA classes are offered in a HyFlex format, giving students the option to choose the class type that works best for them from week to week. This flexibility has been beneficial for Tice in maintaining a work-life balance. “When I got my bachelor’s degree, virtual classes were not an option. Now I’m able to participate via HyFlex, which I really appreciate as I’m juggling a full-time career as well as my education.”

Tice anticipates the MBA courses and graduate certificate in business analytics will continue to help her immensely as she advances in her career. “I have already started applying what I’ve learned to my career, especially the communication and leadership skills for managers I gave gained through the program,” she says. “I’m excited to see what’s next as I get further into my courses.”

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