International and Comparative Politics Concentration

The Department of Political Science at Western Michigan University offers a concentration in international and comparative politics.

Lauren LaLonde, PSCI undergraduate

Who is this major for?

Do you wish to incorporate a study abroad experience into your course of study? Are you interested in a career that takes you all over the world?

Learn from and study with faculty whose expertise covers the world! German, Russian, Chinese, Nepalese, Sub-Saharan African, and so many more countries are represented.

Does foreign and international politics interest you? Do you want to be prepared for the globalized world?

This major is for you!

Study abroad

There are many study abroad opportunities for students in this major. If you are considering an international career, do all you can to incorporate a study abroad program into your course of study.

The career services has information and resources for the international and comparative major.


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General information on international affairs

International volunteer and internship information

  • Idealist - An enterprise of Action without Borders. The page lists hundreds of internships and jobs, many of them in nonprofit organizations overseas. The search engine is awkward to use; you'll have to try lots of combinations of countries, specializations, etc. Plan on spending a while, but it may prove useful just because of the sheer quantity of listings.
  • InterAction - Volunteer opportunities.
  • Vision in Action - International volunteer work.
  • Volunteers for Peace - International volunteer work.

PSCI students in Greece

Career-related links

Foreign service and the state department

Jobs listings in international affairs

  • Action Without Borders keeps tracks of job and volunteer opportunities in NGOs (non profit non governmental organizations) around the world.
  •'s global gateway page is useful in finding international positions.
  • Overseas Jobs Web has a searchable database of international jobs listings, an electronic newspaper on working overseas and a jobs resources page.

The Peace Corps


Dr. Gunther Hega

Program information

Additional information on this concentration can be found in the WMU catalog or in our brochure.