Latin American Studies Minor (prior to fall 2020)

Macchu Picchu in South America. Large green mountain at center surrounded by dark green valleys and cloud.

Latin American studies minor (18 credits)

This minor has been replaced by the Latinx and Latin American studies minor, in effect since Fall 2020. It was originally designed around a general study of Latin America or specific countries with courses selected from more than one department.


  • 18 credit hours with a minimum grade of C in all courses.
  • At least half of the courses must be at the 3000 level or above.
  • Up to eight hours in study in Spanish may be included in the minor requirements.
  • Appropriate study abroad courses are welcome.

Courses offered at WMU that may apply to this minor include, but are not limited to:

  • ANTH 3390/SOC 3350–Cultures of Latin America
  • BIOS 4560–Tropical Biology in Belize (Study Abroad)
  • DANC 1250–Argentine Tango
  • ECON 3890–Latin American Economies
  • GEOG 3810–South America
  • GEOG 3820–Mexico & Caribbean
  • GIST 3500–Great Green Experiment (Study Abroad in Costa Rica)
  • PSCI 3450–Latin American Politics
  • HISP 2750–Latino Writing & Culture
  • SPAN 3210–Life & Culture of Hispanics in the US
  • SPAN 3230–Life & Culture of Spanish America