Handshake search tips

General tips:

  • Using the "search" box and entering keywords is the most effective way to sort out opportunities.
  • Another good filter is choosing a Job Function;  however, not all employers fill in this section of the posting so you may see less postings. 
  • The more complete your profile is, the more relevant jobs the system will show you.

On-campus part-time: 

Searching for On-Campus Jobs

  1. Select "on campus student employment" under Job Type.
  2. Some positions require that candidates have work study awards. This information is included in the job title or the job description.

Off-campus part-time:

  1. Select "job" under Job Type. Then select "part time" under Employment Type.
  2.  Another good strategy is setting the location as Kalamazoo, which will set a location radius to find opportunities close to campus.


  1. Select "internships" under Job Type.  Then choose "part time" or "full time" under Employment Type.
  2. Type in keywords (e.g., engineer, marketing, management, writing, science, etc.).

If you have any questions, contact: