High School to College Transition Resume Sample


Street Address, Apt. #, CIty, State, ZIP, Phone Number, Professional Email Address


Objectives work best when you know the company name and the position title. Objective statements should be brief (2-3 lines), simple, and specific.  Make sure to talk about what skills or experiences you bring to the position.For example: “Enthusiastic management student seeking a part-time on-campus job with Dining Services. Offering strong communication and customer service skills to maintain excellent service for students.” Note: For career fairs and general resume use an objective may not be needed.



Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (Expected: insert anticipated date of receiving your WMU degree)
Major: Insert your major, Minor: Insert your minor
GPA: Insert GPA if 3.0 or above after your first semester at WMU
High School Diploma (Insert graduation year), School Name


Position Title, Month, Year – Month, Year
Company Name, City, State
High school experience such as work/paid experience, volunteer experience, and school activities. Examples include: babysitting, mowing neighbors’ lawn, retail/food service, volunteering at a school blood drive, fundraising events for school organizations, etc.
Create accomplishment statements using an action verb, stating what you did/situation, action, and result of the situation.
Example: “Contributed to organizational fundraising by generating $600 for new school textbooks”.
Position Title, Month, Year – Month, Year
Company Name, City, State

Honors, Awards, and Organizations 

Member, Club or Organization Name, Insert Year - Present    Sports, Insert Year - Year
Examples for this section include: memberships to any school or non-school organizations like sports, 4H, Girl/Boy Scouts, National Honors Society, Student Government, Youth Group, Dance, Cheerleading, Band, Choir, etc. 


Technical skills such as social media management, computer skills, language skills, etc.

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