• A group of graduate students, staff, and the Director of the Medieval Institute outside of Walwood Hall

    The Medieval Institute welcomes new and returning students for the 2022-2023 school year! The Institute offers an interdisciplinary M.A. in medieval studies, the oldest such program at a public university in the United States.

  • A group of undergraduate students sit and stand around tables, examining manuscripts and facsimiles

    Undergraduate students in MDVL 2000: Voices of the Middle Ages visit the Zhang Legacy Collections Center to examine rare books, manuscripts, and facsimiles in a Rare Books Lab.

  • Jana Schulman, a woman with light curly hair in a green sweater, stands next to Bob Berkhofer, a man with short brown hair in a blue plaid shirt, in front of red and green foliage and a stone doorframe and red brick building.

    Dr. Jana Schulman stepped down as the Director of the Medieval Institute on June 30, 2022. The Medieval Institute welcomes Dr. Bob Berkhofer as the new Director.

  • Image of Walwood Hall

    Walwood Hall, home to the Medieval Institute

  • Performance in the Mostly Medieval Theatre Festival of Dulcitius.

    Resources of the Early Drama, Art, and Music project are in ScholarWorks at WMU.


After seven years as Director of the Medieval Institute, Dr. Jana Schulman stepped down as Director on June 30, 2022 and returned to the faculty of the Department of English. After working together with Dr. Schulman over the past year as Deputy Director, Dr. Robert Berkhofer assumed the role of Director on July 1, 2022.

MDVL 1000: The Middle Ages, Then and Now, a course designed to introduce students to the medieval past in the modern imagination, is being taught for the first time in fall 2022 and fulfills WMU Essential Studies requirements.

MDVL 2000: Voices of the Middle Ages fulfills both Western Essential Studies and General Education requirements.