MDVL 3000: Quest for Self

Image from a medieval manuscript of a nun harvesting from a penis tree.MDVL 3000: Quest for Self: Medieval Women Authors (cross-listed as ENGL 3080), taught through Western Michigan University's Medieval Institute and Department of English, seeks to explore these and many other questions:

  • Why would a woman receiving visions from God compare Jesus to a breastfeeding mother?
  • Why would a minor noblewoman put "crossbows, and windlasses to wind them with and crossbow bolts" on her shopping list alongside almonds, sugar and cloth?
  • Why would a mother of thirteen travel all the way from England to Jerusalem, picking fights with priests and pilgrims along the way?

Instructor: Dr. Marjorie Harrington

Summer II 2020 (June 25 through Aug. 14)
Tuesday and Thursday, 12 noon to 2:30 p.m.

Fulfills the Area II: Humanities general education requirement and may be counted toward the minor in medieval studies.