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The Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University highlights research in the following areas:

The institute also bestows the annual Otto Gründler Book Prize and hosts a distinguished lecture series, the Loew Lectures in medieval studies.

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Affiliated faculty research interests

  • Jeffrey Angles—gender in modern Japanese literature and culture, history of translation in modern Japan
  • Robert F. Berkhofer, III—medieval France and England in the period ca. 900 to 1200
  • Lofton L. Durham III—cultural importance of performance in late medieval France
  • Joyce Kubiski—French and Italian manuscript illumination from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century, portraiture, representations of the body
  • David Kutzko—continuity of literary traditions, Hellenistic poetry, Latin literature of the late republic and the early empire
  • Molly Lynde-Recchia—Old French literature, poetry and translation
  • Mustafa Mirzeler—African historical tradition and folktales, African historiography, Turkish folklore and literature
  • Natalio Ohanna—Spanish Golden Age and Spanish American colonial literatures
  • James Palmitessa—transitional era of the late Middle Ages and early modern period in Europe, especially in Central Europe
  • Pablo Pastrana-Pérez—Spanish medieval literature and historical linguistics
  • Larry J. Simon—medieval history, especially Spain, Italy and the Mediterranean; Islamic and Jewish history
  • Susan Steuer—devout medieval women and manuscripts
  • Anise K. Strong—Roman social history, gender and sexuality in the ancient world, classical culture in modern mass media
  • Nathan Tabor—Urdu and Persian literatures and their patronage from the early modern period to the present
  • Grace Tiffany—Renaissance history and culture
  • Kevin J. Wanner—medieval Christianity, with a particular focus on the pre- and post-conversion religion and culture of Scandinavia
  • Victor C. Xiong—Chinese history and archaeology (especially the Sui Tang period with an emphasis on urban, social and cultural history)