Request for Additional Sessions

Sponsored and special sessions at the International Congress on Medieval Studies may receive more desirable paper proposals than can be accommodated in a single session. (Note that sessions of papers may include up to five authors, and roundtables, workshops and demonstrations may include up to seven participants, in addition to the presider.) Session organizers may use this form to request additional sessions under the same title as an already-accepted session, but they may not request additional sessions on a different topic.

Enter the title of the original session.
Provide a rationale explaining why additional session(s) are necessary. Indicate which contributors would be allocated to each session, and which, if any, paper proposals would be rejected altogether. Describe any subthemes that would distinguish the sessions from each other. For example, if your original session was “Studies on the Pearl-Poet,” you might request two additional sessions and divide the papers into “Studies on the Pearl-Poet (1): Pearl,” “Studies on the Pearl-Poet (2): Patience and Cleanness,” and “Studies on the Pearl-Poet (3): Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.”
Explain how additional session(s) would contribute to the International Congress on Medieval Studies. For instance, would it allow for a broader interdisciplinary discussion of your topic? Would it increase the racial or geographical diversity of participants in your sessions? Would it promote greater collaboration between scholars in different fields, or at different ranks?
If awarded, would you prefer your additional session(s) to be held in-person or online? Additional hybrid format slots are not available at this time.