Call for Papers

This call for papers includes all sponsored and special sessions approved by the Program Committee for the 55th International Congress on Medieval Studies (May 7-10, 2020), which takes place on the campus of Western Michigan University. The sponsored sessions are listed alphabetically by the name of the organization, and the special sessions follow alphabetically by session title. Email addresses are obfuscated in the page source to reduce the chances of being harvested by spammers.

You are invited to propose one paper for one session. The Program Committee reserves the right to disallow all participation to those who breach professional courtesy by making multiple paper proposals. The deadline for paper proposals was Sunday, Sept. 15.

PDF version of the call for papers (revised 08/22/2019)

Sponsored sessions

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Academy of Jewish-Christian Studies (1)

Medieval Jewish-Christian Studies
Contact: Steven J. McMichael
16385 Saint Francis Ln.
Prior Lake, MN 55372
Phone: (612) 272-3530

American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain (AARHMS) (4)

Bridging the Divide: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Medieval Iberian Studies; Representing Medieval Iberia: Fiction and Non-Fiction beyond the Monograph (A Panel Discussion); Race before Raza in Medieval Iberian Studies I–II [co-sponsored with the Texas Medieval Association (TEMA)]
Contact: Belen Vicens

American Benedictine Academy (1)

Humility among Medieval Benedictines: What Was It and Was It Good for Them?
Contact: Hugh Bernard Feiss
Monastery of the Ascension
541 E. 100 South
Jerome, ID 83338-5655

American Cusanus Society (3)

Neoplatonism and Mystical Theology in the Late Middle Ages [co-sponsored with the Jean Gerson Society]; Eckhart and Cusanus:  Preaching on Christology and the Good Shepherd [co-sponsored with the International Medieval Sermon Studies Society]; Cusanus, His Contemporaries and Heirs
Contact: Donald F. Duclow

American Numismatic Society (1)

Trust, Authenticity, and Imitation in Long-Distance Trade Coinages
Contact: David Yoon
American Numismatic Society
75 Varick St., floor 11
New York, NY 10013

American Society of Irish Medieval Studies (ASIMS) (3)

Robert T. Farrell Lecture; The Digital Middle Ages in Ireland and Beyond (A Roundtable); Murders, Mishaps, and Martyrs in Medieval Ireland (A Panel Discussion) [co-sponsored with MARTRAE: An International Network Dedicated to Research on Martyrologies, Martyrs, and the Cult of Saints]
Contact: Maire Johnson

Anglo-Norman Text Society (1)

Anglo-Norman Texts and Manuscripts
Contact: Maureen Boulton

Anglo-Saxon Hagiography Society (ASHS) (1)

Anonymous Anglo-Saxon Prose Saints' Lives
Contact: Johanna Kramer
Univ. of Missouri–Columbia
Dept. of English
114 Tate Hall
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: (573) 882-2087

Aquinas and 'the Arabs' International Working Group (2)

Classical Philosophy in the Lands of Islam and Its Influence (A Workshop) I–II
Contact: Nicholas Oschman
824 Magnolia Ct. E
Nashville, TN 37221

Arthurian Literature (1)

Arthurian Inheritances
Contact: K. S. Whetter
Acadia Univ.
Dept. of English and Theatre
Wolfville, NS B4P 2R6
Phone: (902) 585-1388

Arthuriana (1)

Beyond Guenevere and Morgan: Other Arthurian Queens
Contact: Dorsey Armstrong
Purdue Univ.
English Dept.
500 Oval Dr.
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies (1)

Emotional Iberia: Varieties of Affective Experience in Medieval Iberian Cultures
Contact: Jessica A. Boon

AVISTA: The Association Villard de Honnecourt for the Interdisciplinary Study of Medieval Technology, Science, and Art (4)

Remembering Robert Mark and Andrew Tallon I–IV: Personal Perspectives (A Roundtable); Interdisciplinarity in Studying Gothic; Gothic Structure; Notre-Dame in Paris
Contact: Robert Bork
Univ. of Iowa
150 Art Building West
North Riverside Dr.
Iowa City, IA 52242-7000

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BABEL Working Group (5)

Academic Labor Justice in Medieval Studies (A Roundtable) [co-sponsored with Medievalists of Color]; Orientations: Intersections of Queer, Trans, Ace, and Beyond [co-sponsored with the Society for the Study of Homosexuality in the Middle Ages (SSHMA)]; The Monstrous Woman and the Norms of Civility (A Roundtable) [co-sponsored with the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship (SMFS)]; A Mecca for Medievalists? Religion and Racialization in Medieval Studies (A Roundtable); Orientations: Gender and Sexuality in Space-Time [co-sponsored with the Society for the Study of Homosexuality in the Middle Ages (SSHMA)]
Contact: Julie Orlemanski

Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library (3)

Manuscript Studies without Manuscripts; The Legacy of Biblioclast Otto Ege; Science and Medieval Manuscript Study
Contact: Gina M. Hurley

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Cantus: A Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant (1)

Fragments and the Digital Analysis of Chant Transmission (A Panel Discussion)
Contact: Debra Lacoste

CARA (Committee on Centers and Regional Associations, Medieval Academy of America) (1)

Teaching a Diverse and Inclusive Middle Ages (A Panel Discussion)
Contact: Sarah Davis-Secord

Carleton-Univ. of Ottawa Medieval and Renaissance Studies Society (1)

Rethinking "Lesser" Arthuriana (A Panel Discussion)
Contact: Danielle Taylor

Celtic Studies Association of North America (2)

New Work by Young Celtic Studies Scholars; Defining, Redefining, and Justifying Terms, Labels, and Paradigms in Celtic Studies
Contact: Frederick C. Suppe
2707 W. Woodbridge Dr.
Muncie, IN 47304
Phone: (765) 282-5669

Center for Austrian Studies, Univ. of Minnesota–Twin Cities (1)

Monastic Life and Culture in Central Europe and Beyond [co-sponsored with the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML)]
Contact: Jan Volek
Univ. of Minnesota–Twin Cities
1110 Heller Hall
271 19th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Center for Cistercian and Monastic Studies, Western Michigan Univ. (6)

Studies on Isaac of Stella [co-sponsored with Cistercian Publications, Liturgical Press and Sources Chrétiennes]; Responding to Bernard McGinn's The Great Cistercian Mystics: A History (A Panel Discussion); The Cistercians in Scandinavia; Theories on Monasticism in the Twelfth Century; The Heart of Cistercian Spirituality [co-sponsored with Cistercian Publications, Liturgical Press]; Aelred and After: In Honor of Marsha Dutton
Contact: Susan Steuer
Fax: (269) 387-5077

Center for Inter-American and Border Studies, Univ. of Texas–El Paso (3)

Courting Disaster: Precarious Limits at the Courts of Medieval Iberia [co-sponsored with the Ibero-Medieval Association of North America (IMANA)]; Magic, Miracles, and Medicine: Borders of Healing in the Iberian Middle Ages; Outer Limits of Identity: The Monstrous in the Iberian World
Contact: Matthew V. Desing

Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Stanford Univ. (3)

Many Hands: Resources for Digital Paleography (A Roundtable) [co-sponsored with the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML)]; Jerusalem I: The Holy City in Textual, Visual, and Material Cultures; Jerusalem II: The Holy City as Interreligious Experience
Contact: Rowan Dorin
Stanford Univ.
Dept. of History
450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 200
Stanford, CA 94305

Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Univ. of Colorado–Boulder (1)

Preparing a Scholarly Edition in the Digital Age (A Roundtable)
Contact: Tiffany Beechy
Univ. of Colorado–Boulder
Dept. of English
226 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0234

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, St. Louis Univ. (1)

From Private Advisor to Her Queen to Powerful Political Negotiator: Lunete in the Arthurian Vernacular Tradition (A Roundtable)
Contact: Evelyn Meyer

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Univ. of Oklahoma (1)

From History to My-Story: Affirming the Self in Medieval Chronicles
Contact: Roberto Pesce

Center for Medieval Studies, Univ. of Minnesota–Twin Cities (3)

Sword in Hand: Tools to Contextualize Medieval Material Culture in the Classroom and Public Events with the Oakeshott Institute (A Workshop); Object and Affect in Anglo-Saxon Texts; Getting to Their Mind through Their Plate: Food as Social Identity in the Medieval World
Contact: Michelle M. Hamilton

Center for the Study of C. S. Lewis and Friends, Taylor Univ. (1)

C. S. Lewis and the Middle Ages: Angels, Fairies, and the Longaevi
Contact: Joe Ricke

Center for Thomistic Studies, Univ. of St. Thomas, Houston (3)

Thomistic Philosophy I; Thomistic Philosophy II; Thomistic Philosophy III
Contact: Steven J. Jensen
Univ. of St. Thomas
3800 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006
Phone: (713) 831-7864

Centre for Medieval Studies, Univ. of Bristol (2)

Transnational Cultural Contacts I–II: Borders and Borderlands; Anglo-Dutch Relations
Contact: George Ferzoco

Centre for Medieval Studies, Univ. of Toronto (3)

The Latin Classics in the Medieval Classroom I–II [co-sponsored with the Centre for Medieval Literature, Syddansk Univ. and Univ. of York]; Changing the Narrative of Monastic History (A Roundtable) [co-sponsored with The Ohio State Univ.]
Contact: Alexander Andree
Univ. of Toronto
Centre for Medieval Studies
125 Queen's Park
Toronto, ON M5S 2C7
Phone: (416) 946-8712

Centre for Medieval Studies, Univ. of York (2)

Constructing Communities through Story-Telling I–II
Contact: Sarah Rees Jones
Univ. of York
Centre for Medieval Studies
King's Manor, Exhibition Square
York, England YO1 7EP
United Kingdom
Phone: +44-77-45-22-86-37

Centrum pro digitální výzkum náboženství, Masarykova Univ. (3)

The Social Dynamics of Religious Dissent I–III: Gender, Family, Household; Economic Life, Occupations, and Social Status; The Social Impact of Inquisitions
Contact: David Zbíral

Chaucer MetaPage (3)

Gaylord Workshop on Reading Chaucer Aloud (A Workshop); Voice and/as Character; The Local Medieval (A Roundtable)
Contact: Susan Yager
808 Hodge Ave.
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: (515) 233-0983

Chaucer Review (4)

Chaucer and Trauma I–IV: Social; Personal; Psychological; Capacity
Contact: David Raybin

Classics, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Univ. of Saskatchewan (1)

Medieval Peasants: Comparative Conditions
Contact: Sharon Hubbs Wright
Univ. of Saskatchewan
Dept. of History & CMRS, St. Thomas More College
1437 College Dr.
Saskatoon, SK S7N 0W6
Phone: (306) 966-8938

Climate Change and History Research Initiative (CCHRI) (1)

Environment and Society in the Middle Ages: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Old and New Questions (A Roundtable)
Contact: Lee Mordechai
1 Park Place, Suite 300
Annapolis, MD 21401

Consolidated Library of Anglo Saxon Poetry (CLASP) (2)

CLASP: A Consolidated Library of Anglo Saxon Poetry (A Workshop); CLASP: A Consolidated Library of Anglo Saxon Poetry
Contact: Rachel A. Burns

Contagions: Society for Historic Infectious Disease Studies (2)

Curating Medieval Plague and Pestilence; Mass Death, Single Graves: Death and Burial in the Middle Ages
Contact: Michelle Ziegler

La corónica: A Journal of Medieval Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (2)

La corónica International Book Award: In Honor of S. J. Pearce for The Andalusi Literary and Intellectual Tradition: The Role of Arabic in Judah Ibn Tibbon´s Ethical Will (A Roundtable); Iberian Travelers in the Mediterranean
Contact: Michelle M. Hamilton

Crusades in France and Occitania (2)

Crusades in Context I–II
Contact: Thomas W. Lecaque
Phone: (660) 349-8159

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Dallas Medieval Texts and Translations (1)

Translation Strategies for Capturing Feeling and Style (A Roundtable)
Contact: Kelly Gibson
Univ. of Dallas
History Dept.
1845 E. Northgate Dr.
Irving, TX 75062-4736
Phone: (972) 721-5370

Dante Society of America (3)

Dante I–III
Contact: Akash Kumar
Indiana Univ.–Bloomington
Global and International Studies Building, Room 3162
355 N. Jordan Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47401

De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History (5)

Annual Journal of Medieval Military History Lecture; Medieval Cities at War: The Urban Site as a Nexus of Battle and Siege [co-sponsored with the Texas Medieval Association (TEMA)]; Medieval Military History I–III: Battlefields; Conflicts across Cultural Borders; Interrogating Reluctant Assets: Hagiography, Exegesis, Poetry, and Romance
Contact: Valerie Eads

Dept. of English, Temple Univ. (2)

Embodied Scholarship: Personal Narrative and Critical Methodology (A Roundtable); Desiring Voices: Medieval Woman's Song
Contact: Carissa Harris

Dept. of History, Univ. Jagielloński (1)

Universities in Central Europe
Contact: Peter Dobek
Phone: (815) 670-4281

Dept. of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Syracuse Univ. (1)

Smaragdus of Saint-Mihiel and the Carolingian Reform Project
Contact: Matthieu van der Meer
Phone: (315) 530-8573

Dept. of Medieval Studies, Central European Univ. (1)

Late Medieval Ways of Life in Central and Western Europe: Communication Equalities and Contrasts
Contact: Gerhard Jaritz
Phone: +43-14-70-98-71

Dictionary of Old English (DOE) (2)

New Approaches to Anglo-Saxon Glosses and Glossaries [co-sponsored with the Epinal-Erfurt Glossary Editing Project]; Editing Early Latin-Old English Glossaries [co-sponsored with the Epinal-Erfurt Glossary Editing Project]
Contact: Haruko Momma

Digital Editing and the Medieval Manuscript: Rolls and Fragments (DEMMR/F) (2)

Manuscript Fragments in Small Collections (A Roundtable); Archaising Form: Rolls and Beyond
Contact: Elizabeth K. Hebbard

Digital Philology: A Journal of Medieval Cultures (1)

Medieval/Digital Reading Environments and Practices
Contact: Deborah McGrady

DISTAFF (Discussion, Interpretation, and Study of Textile Arts, Fabrics, and Fashion) (3)

Object Lessons: Presenting History Through Artifacts (A Roundtable) [co-sponsored with AVISTA: The Association Villard de Honnecourt for the Interdisciplinary Study of Medieval Technology, Science, and Art]; Dress and Textiles I: Rank and Signifiers; Dress and Textiles II: Curious Descriptions and Depictions
Contact: Robin Netherton
715 Aramis Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63141
Phone: (314) 803-1435

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection (5)

Topics in Byzantine Numismatics [co-sponsored with the Princeton Univ. Numismatic Collection]; Identity and Status in Byzantine Material Culture; Christian-Muslim Exchange in Art, Literature, and Science; Biblical Storytelling in Verse: Poetic Traditions around Mary from East to West; Inventing the Text: Fictitious Narratives of Composition and Transmission [co-sponsored with the Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library]
Contact: Nicole Eddy
Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library
1703 32nd St. NW
Washington, DC 20007

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Early Book Society (6)

Bi- and Tri-Lingual Manuscripts and Early Printed Books; Copying, Editing and Correction: How Accurate Is It?; Visual and Verbal Portraits in Manuscripts and Printed Books; Migrating Manuscripts and Peripatetic Texts; "What's Past Is Prologue": The Transition of Literary Works from Manuscript to Print; What Makes an English Book English?
Contact: Martha W. Driver
Pace Univ.
Dept. of English
41 Park Row
New York, NY 10038
Phone: (212) 346-1676
Fax: (212) 346-1754

Early Medieval Europe (3)

Early Medieval Europe I–III
Contact: Deborah M. Deliyannis

Early Proverb Society (EPS) (2)

Medieval Proverbs: Exchanges, Clashes, and Transactions (A Roundtable); Medieval Proverbs: Afterlives
Contact: Sarah M. Anderson
Princeton Univ.
Dept. of English
22 McCosh Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544

e-codices: Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland (1)

The Future of Digital Manuscript Libraries
Contact: Christoph Flüeler

English Dept. Medieval Colloquium, Yale Univ. (3)

Text as Image in Medieval Literature [co-sponsored with the Scriptorium Working Group, Yale Univ.]; Anglo-Saxon Speculative Fictions [co-sponsored with the Scriptorium Working Group, Yale Univ.]; Unforthcoming Texts, Unsatisfying Encounters (A Roundtable) [co-sponsored with the Scriptorium Working Group, Yale Univ.]
Contact: J. Eric Ensley
Phone: (919) 961-8207

Environmental History Network for the Middle Ages (ENFORMA) (1)

Perceptions of Environmental Change in the Medieval World
Contact: Abigail Agresta
George Washington Univ.
Dept. of History
801 22nd St., NW, Suite 335
Washington, DC 20052

Episcopus: Society for the Study of Bishops and Secular Clergy in the Middle Ages (3)

The Preaching of Bishops and Secular Clergy [co-sponsored with the International Medieval Sermon Studies Society]; Bishops at the Borders of Christendom [co-sponsored with the American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain (AARHMS)]; Brevia on Bishops and the Secular Clergy in the Middle Ages (A Roundtable)
Contact: Evan A. Gatti
414 South Fourth St.
Mebane, NC 27302
Phone: (919) 260-2778

Europäisches Hansemuseum (1):

The German Hanse: Well Remembered, Little Understood
Contact: Fransiska Evers
Phone: +49-(0)451-80-90-99-55
Fax: +49-(0)451-80-90-99-19

Exemplaria: Medieval / Early Modern / Theory (1)

Theory, Medieval Studies, and the New University (A Roundtable)
Contact: Jessica Rosenfeld

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Fantasy Research Hub, School of Critical Studies, Univ. of Glasgow (1)

Medieval World-Building: Tolkien, His Precursors and Legacies
Contact: Dimitra Fimi

Feminist Renaissance in Anglo-Saxon Studies (2)

Women's Networks in the Early Medieval North Atlantic; Feminist Critical Methodologies for the Early Middle Ages (A Roundtable)
Contact: Erin E. Sweany

Fiske Icelandic Collection, Cornell Univ. Library (1)

Old Norse-Icelandic Studies
Contact: Jeffrey Turco
Purdue Univ.
School of Languages and Cultures
640 Oval Dr.
West Lafayette, IN 47907

14th Century Society (4)

Money, Class, and Materiality in the Fourteenth Century; Crises and Continuity: Teaching the End of the Middle Ages (A Roundtable); Urban and Rural Revolts in the Fourteenth Century; Fourteenth-Century Religious Cultures
Contact: Maya Soifer Irish
Rice Univ.
History Dept., 6100 Main MS-42
P.O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1092
Phone: (713) 582-3575

Fragmentarium (1)

Fragmentarium: A Crash Course (A Practicum)
Contact: William Duba
Univ. de Fribourg
Rue de l'Hôpital 4
Fribourg 1700

Framing the Late Antique and Early Medieval Economy (FLAME) (1)

The Early Medieval Economy: New Directions
Contact: Lee Mordechai
1 Park Place, Suite 300
Annapolis, MD 21401

Franciscan Institute, St. Bonaventure Univ. (3)

Darleen Pryds's Enduring Presence: Diversity and Authenticity among the First Generations of Franciscan Laity (A Panel Discussion) [co-sponsored with Women in the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition (WIFIT)]; Franciscan Missions in a Global Middle Ages; Power, Piety, and Preaching in the Franciscan Observance [co-sponsored with the International Medieval Sermon Studies Society]
Contact: Lezlie Knox
Marquette Univ.
Dept. of History, 202 Sensenbrenner Hall
1101 W Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Phone: (414) 288-7863

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Game Cultures Society (3)

Playing with Game Theory I–II: Reading Games in Medieval Culture; Parks and Recreation: Experiencing Medieval Games; Gamification in the Classroom: How to Design a Game (A Workshop)
Contact: Sarah J. Sprouse
Phone: (703) 474-2378

Goliardic Society, Western Michigan Univ. (2)

Reviving "Dead" Languages: The Role of Performance in Translation (A Roundtable); Experiencing Pilgrimage
Contact: Alisa Heskin

Gower Project (2)

Gower and Prophecy; Gower and Race
Contact: Eve Salisbury
1940 Clover St.
Rochester, NY 14618
Phone: (585) 576-1414

Great Lakes Adiban Society (2)

Seek Knowledge as Far as China: Teaching Literature from the Medieval Middle East and Beyond (A Roundtable); Love, Fear, Anger, Sorrow: Emotions and Diseases of the Soul in Islamicate Literature
Contact: Cameron Cross
202 S Thayer St., Suite 3155
Ann Arbor, MI 48014-1608

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Hagiography Society (4)

Teaching the Saints (A Roundtable); Witnessing the Canonization Process; Saints and Animals; Saintly Wounds
Contact: Barbara Zimbalist

Harvard English Dept. Medieval Colloquium (2)

With Julie Orlemanski: Fictionality and Belief in Middle English Writing (A Panel Discussion); With Martin Foys: Encountering the Strange in Early Medieval England (A Panel Discussion)
Contact: Kathryn Mogk

Haskins Society (2)

Child King, Fat King, Adulterous King, Powerful King? New Thoughts on King Philip I of Francia; New Voices in Medieval History
Contact: Nicholas Paul

Heroic Age: A Journal of Early Medieval Northwestern Europe (1)

New Approaches to Post-Roman Western Europe
Contact: Larry Swain
Phone: (218) 368-8205

Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) (2)

From Kerala to Timbuktu: Virtual Manuscripts and the Global Work of the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (A Workshop); Order out of Chaos: Standardizing Digital Metadata in Middle Eastern Manuscript Studies (A Roundtable)
Contact: Matthew Z. Heintzelman
Saint John's Univ.
Hill Museum & Manuscript Library
2835 Abbey Plaza, PO Box 7300
Collegeville, MN 56321-7300
Phone: (320) 363-2795

Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies (HSMS) (2)

Workshop on Ibero-Romance Paleography; Medieval Ibero-Romance Languages: Language Use, Contact, Variation, or Change
Contact: Pablo Pastrana-Pérez
Western Michigan Univ.
Dept. of Spanish
1903 W Michigan Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5338
Phone: (269) 387-2955

Hortulus: The Online Graduate Journal of Medieval Studies (1)

Publishing and the Graduate Student: A Roundtable for Graduate Students and Early Career Researchers
Contact: Natalie Whitaker
Saint Louis Univ.
Dept. of English
3800 Lindell Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108
Phone: (417) 350-9165

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Ibero-Medieval Association of North America (IMANA) (5)

Race and Its Historiography in Medieval Iberian Studies; The Canon Walks into a Bar: Humor in Medieval Iberian Literature; Iberomedieval Studies: Taking Stock, Moving Forward (A Roundtable); Literature, Language, and Identity during the House of Aviz; Questioning Mysticism [co-sponsored with the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies]
Contact: Linde M. Brocato
Phone: (901) 600-5553

Index of Medieval Art, Princeton Univ. (2)

Location, Location, Location: In-Situ Iconography within the Medieval Built Environment; Using Images in Research and Teaching: A Workshop for Non-Art Historians
Contact: Catherine Fernandez
Princeton Univ.
Dept. of Art & Archaeology, A Level McCormick Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544-1018

Institut d'études anciennes et médiévale, Univ. Laval (1)

Lengthy Texts and Hefty Tomes: Dealing with Volume in Vernacular French Manuscripts
Contact: Anne Salamon
Univ. Laval
Pavillon Louis-Jacques Casault
1055 Ave. du Séminaire
Quebec, QC G1V 0A6

Institute for Medieval Studies, Univ. of Leeds (2)

Medieval Borders and Environments I: Changing Boundaries; Medieval Borders and Environments II: Changing Climates
Contact: Axel E. W. Müller
Univ. of Leeds
Institute for Medieval Studies, Parkinson Building 1.03
Leeds LS2 9JT
United Kingdom
Phone: +44-11-33-43-36-14
Fax: +44-11-33-43-36-16

Institute for Medieval Studies, Univ. of New Mexico (3)

Magical Matchmaking: Love Magic in the Middle Ages; Chaucerian Artifacts and Material Culture; Anglo-Saxon Studies in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries [co-sponsored with the Richard Rawlinson Center for Anglo-Saxon Studies and Manuscript Research]
Contact: Timothy C. Graham
Univ. of New Mexico
Institute for Medieval Studies, MSC06 3620
2045 Mesa Vista Hall
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
Phone: (505) 277-1191

International Alain Chartier Society (1)

Sacred and Profane, Clerical and Courtly: The Worlds of Love in the Age of Jean Gerson and Alain Chartier [co-sponsored with the Jean Gerson Society]
Contact: Linda Burke
520 Walker Rd.
Hinsdale, IL 60521
Phone: (630) 880-4018
Fax: (630) 325-4009

International Anchoritic Society (2)

Homosocial Communities and Seclusion; Sensorial Experience of Anchoritic Life (A Roundtable)
Contact: Michelle M. Sauer
Univ. of North Dakota
Dept. of English
276 Centennial Drive; Stop 7209
Grand Forks, ND 58202

International Arthurian Society, North American Branch (IAS/NAB) (4)

Arthurian Wastelands (A Roundtable); Medicine and Medical Practices in the Arthurian World; English Arthurian Literature between Malory and Tennyson; Arthurian (Im)Piety
Contact: David F. Johnson
Florida State Univ.
Dept. of English
265 S. University Way
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1580

International Association for Robin Hood Studies (IARHS) (3)

Outlaw Epistemologies; The Ludic Outlaw: Medievalism, Games, Sport, and Play (A Roundtable); Reassessing the Matter of the Greenwood
Contact: Alexander L. Kaufman

International Boethius Society (1)

The Literary and Philosophical Influence of Boethius in the Middle Ages
Contact: Philip Edward Phillips
Phone: (615) 898-2699

International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA) (3)

Medieval Exhibitions in the Era of Global Art History; The Global North: Medieval Scandinavia on the Borders of Europe; Introspection and Empathy in the Classroom: Complicating the Narratives of Medieval Art History (A Workshop) [co-sponsored with the Material Collective]
Contact: Beth Williamson

International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA) Student Committee (1)

Art Historical Approaches to Medieval Environments
Contact: Dustin S. Aaron

International Christine de Pizan Society, North American Branch (2)

Just and Unjust Political Power in Christine's Time; In Memory of Susan Groag Bell: Christine's Legacy in Material Objects
Contact: Benjamin Semple
Gonzaga Univ.
Dept. of Modern Languages, CG Box 44
502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA 99258
Phone: (509) 313-6721

International Courtly Literature Society (ICLS), North American Branch (3)

Impropriety and Notoriety in Courtly Society (A Roundtable); Love on the Battlefield; Ovid and His Heirs at Court [co-sponsored with the Societas Ovidiana]
Contact: Susanne Hafner
Fordham Univ.
Dept. of Modern Languages and Literatures, Faber Hall Room 559
441 East Fordham Rd.
Bronx, NY 10458
Phone: (315) 704-9405

International Hoccleve Society (1)

Rediscovering Hoccleve
Contact: Arwen Taylor
Arkansas Tech Univ.
Witherspoon 143
407 West Q St.
Russellville, AR 72801

International Joan of Arc Society/Société Internationale de l'étude de Jeanne d'Arc (2)

Performing Joan: Interpreting the Maid on Screen, on Stage, and in the Streets; Globalizing Joan of Arc: Positioning the Maid in a Transnational Landscape
Contact: Scott Manning

International Machaut Society (3)

Machaut: The Next Generation; Women Making Noise; Digital Tools for Research and Analysis (A Roundtable)
Contact: Jared C. Hartt

International Marie de France Society (3)

Food and Furnishings: The Domestic in Marie de France; Translating Marie de France: Challenges and Opportunities (A Roundtable); Performances of Marie de France: Chaitivel
Contact: Simonetta Cochis
Transylvania Univ.
300 N Broadway
Lexington, KY 40508
Phone: (859) 582-0800

International Medieval Sermon Studies Society (4)

Preaching and the Crusades; Preaching Gender; Medieval Sermons in the Modern Classroom (A Roundtable); Medieval Sermon Studies
Contact: Holly Johnson
Mississippi State Univ.
Dept. of English, PO Box E
2000 Lee Hall
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Phone: (662) 694-1092

International Piers Plowman Society (4)

Piers Plowman and Biblical Genres: History, Prophecy, Parable; Langland's Learning; Piers Plowman's Manuscripts; Piers Plowman's Influences: Genre, Authors, and Beyond
Contact: Noelle Phillips
Phone: (778) 228-1995

International Sidney Society (3)

Sidney at Kalamazoo: The Sidneys and Their Circles I–III
Contact: Kathryn DeZur

International Society for the Study of Medievalism (2)

The Status of Medievalist Film Studies Today (A Roundtable); The Politically Varied Medievalisms of Separatist/Statehood/Independence Movements
Contact: Usha Vishnuvajjala

International Society of Anglo-Saxonists (ISAS) (2)

New Voices in Anglo-Saxon Studies I–II
Contact: Mary Kate Hurley
Ohio Univ.
307 Ellis Hall
Athens, OH 45701

International Society of Medievalist Librarians (1)

So You Want to Be a Librarian: The Paths, Possibilities, and the Pitfalls of Careers in LIS (A Panel Discussion)
Contact: Anna Siebach-Larsen
Univ. of Rochester
416 Rush Rhees Library
Rochester, NY 14627

Italian Art Society (2)

Quo vadis? Medieval Italian Sculpture Studies in the New Millennium: In Honor of Dorothy F. Glass I–II
Contact: Alison Locke Perchuk
California State Univ.–Channel Islands
Art Program
1 University Dr.
Camarillo, CA 93012

Italians and Italianists at Kalamazoo (3)

Medieval Ars Memoriae in Italy: Theory, Techniques, and Practices; Deep Cuts: Boccaccio beyond The Decameron; Aristotle à rebours: Unconventional Aristotelianism in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Italy
Contact: Karina Attar

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John Gower Society (2)

Gower's Spaces; French Gower – Gower's French
Contact: Brian Gastle
Western Carolina Univ.
Dept. of English
305 Coulter Hall
Cullowhee, NC 28723

Journal of English and Germanic Philology (JEGP) (1)

Philologist, Critique Thyself: Re-Assessing the Anglo-Germanic Philological Heritage in Troubled Times
Contact: Matthew Giancarlo
Phone: (859) 257-1587

Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures (JMRC) (1)

Medieval Religious Cultures
Contact: Christine Cooper-Rompato
Utah State Univ.
Dept. of English, UMC 3200
Logan, UT 84322-3200
Phone: (435) 757-0995

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | PQ | R | S | T | U | V | WXYZ | Special

K–12 Committee, Medieval Academy of America (1)

Making the Medieval Matter: Teaching the Middle Ages across K–16 (A Roundtable)
Contact: Sarah B. Lynch
Phone: (325) 942-2202

Kalamazoo Book Arts Center (KBAC) (3)

Coptic-Stitch Binding: A Hands-On Workshop; Introduction to Blackletter Calligraphy: A Hands-On Workshop I–II
Contact: Elizabeth C. Teviotdale

Kommission für Volksdichtung (1)

The Syndergaard Ballad Session: Motives, Motifs, and Monsters
Contact: Lynn Wollstadt
811 N. Gary Ave.
Wheaton, IL 60187
Phone: (630) 605-5650

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | PQ | R | S | T | U | V | WXYZ | Special

Lazarus Project (2)

Mind the Gap: Bridging Departments and Disciplines in the Digital Humanities (A Roundtable) [co-sponsored with the Rossell Hope Robbins Library, Univ. of Rochester]; ColLABoration: The Laboratory Model in the Digital Humanities [co-sponsored with the Rossell Hope Robbins Library, Univ. of Rochester]
Contact: Helen Davies

Literary, Interdisciplinary, Theory, and Culture Organization (LITCO), Purdue Univ. (1)

Nasty Boys: Troublemakers and Rabble-Rousers in Medieval Literature (A Roundtable)
Contact: Maggie Rebecca Myers
Purdue Univ.
Dept. of English
500 Oval Dr.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2038

Lollard Society (2)

Centers, Peripheries, and Networks of Reform in the Fifteenth Century [co-sponsored with the Jean Gerson Society]; Langland and the Fifteenth Century [co-sponsored with the International Piers Plowman Society]
Contact: Michael Van Dussen
McGill Univ.
Dept. of English
853 Sherbrooke St. W
Montreal, QC H3A 0G5

Lone Medievalist (2)

MedievAltAc: Thriving as a Non-Traditional/Contingent/Independent Scholar (A Roundtable); "The World Is My Cloister": Embracing the Global Middle Ages (A Panel Discussion)
Contact: Kisha G. Tracy
Fitchburg State Univ.
160 Pearl St.
Fitchburg, MA 01420

Lydgate Society (3)

Lydgate's Little Library; Women and Lydgate (A Roundtable); The Global Fifteenth Century
Contact: Alaina Bupp
Phone: (303) 909-9419

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | PQ | R | S | T | U | V | WXYZ | Special

Magistra: A Journal of Women's Spirituality in History (2)

Saint Gertrude the Great: Mystic, Writer, Theologian [co-sponsored with the Committee for the Nomination of St. Gertrude as a Doctor of the Church]; The Theology of Medieval Women Mystics [co-sponsored with the Committee for the Nomination of St. Gertrude as a Doctor of the Church]
Contact: Judith Sutera, OSB
801 S 8th St.
Atchison, KS 66002
Phone: (913) 360-6200

Mapping Lived Religion/Kartläggning av religion i vardagen, Linnéuniv. (1)

Saints Online: Using Digital Methods to Investigate the Cults of Saints [co-sponsored with the Centrum för digital humaniora, Göteborgs Univ.]
Contact: Sara Ellis-Nilsson

Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Univ. of Tennessee–Knoxville (2)

Medieval Responses to the Sounds of Animals; Reproduction and Its Control in Medieval Abrahamic Traditions: Contraception, Fertility, and Abortion
Contact: Mary Dzon
Univ. of Tennessee–Knoxville
Dept. of English, 301 McClung Tower
Knoxville, TN 37996-0430

Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Art and Culture (1)

The Apocalyptic Tradition in Byzantium
Contact: Brandie Ratliff
50 Goddard Ave.
Brookline, MA 02445

Material Collective (4)

Bodies that Transform: Visual, Material, and Conceptual Transitions; Race and the Medieval Academy of America (A Workshop) [co-sponsored with the Medieval Academy of America]; Listening Harder: A Workshop on Race and Racism [co-sponsored with the BABEL Working Group and the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship (SMFS)]; Demythologizing Celtic Whiteness (A Workshop) [co-sponsored with the American Society of Irish Medieval Studies (ASIMS)]
Contact: Maggie M. Williams

Mediaevalia: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Medieval Studies Worldwide (1)

Reimagining the Bible in the Middle Ages
Contact: Jeanette Patterson

Medica: The Society for the Study of Healing in the Middle Ages (3)

Healing and the Healer in Popular Culture; Desire and Disease: The Medicalization of Sex in the Middle Ages; New Ways to Teach Medieval Medicine (A Roundtable)
Contact: William H. York

Medieval Academy Graduate Student Committee (1)

Teaching the Middle Ages with Inclusivity and Diversity (A Roundtable)
Contact: Natalie Whitaker
Saint Louis Univ.
Dept. of English
3800 Lindell Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63108
Phone: (417) 350-9165

Medieval Academy of America (2)

Diversity in/and the Global Middle Ages I–II
Contact: Sharon Kinoshita

Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society (MRDS) (4)

Race in Early Performance; The Performative Voice; New Voices in Early Drama Studies; Performing Medieval Drama in the Twenty-First Century (A Panel Discussion)
Contact: Frank Napolitano

Medieval and Renaissance Graduate Interdisciplinary Network (MARGIN), New York Univ. (1)

Out of Place/Out of Time
Contact: Thomas Murphy

Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Christopher Newport Univ. (2)

Northumbrian Connections ca. 720 I–II
Contact: Sharon M. Rowley
Christopher Newport Univ.
1 Ave. of the Arts
Newport News, VA 23606

Medieval Association for Rural Studies (MARS) (1)

New Directions in Plague Studies
Contact: Philip Slavin
Univ. of Stirling
Division of History and Politics
Stirling, England FK9 4LA
United Kingdom

Medieval Association of the Midwest (MAM) (5)

"Bad" Food in the Middle Ages (A Roundtable); Ain't Misbehaving: Medieval English Women Who Do Good Work by Nefarious Means [co-sponsored with the Pearl-Poet Society]; Medievalist Collaborations of Tenured and Adjunct Faculty (A Roundtable); Teaching the History of the English Language: Curricular Pressures and Interdisciplinary Solutions (A Roundtable); Ambiguous Identities in Medieval Sources
Contact: Alison Langdon
Western Kentucky Univ.
Dept. of English
1906 College Heights Blvd. #11086
Bowling Green, KY 42101-1086
Phone: (270) 745-5708

Medieval Association of the Pacific (1)

Reimagining "the Middle Ages"
Contact: Miranda Wilcox

Medieval Comics Project (1)

Saving the Day for Medievalists: Accessing Medieval-Themed Comics in the Twenty-First Century (A Roundtable)
Contact: Michael A. Torregrossa

Medieval DRAGEN Lab, Univ. of Waterloo (1)

Environments of Change: Late Medieval Landscapes, Communities, and Health
Contact: Philip Slavin
Univ. of Stirling
Division of History and Politics
Stirling FK9 4LA
United Kingdom

Medieval Ecocriticisms (1)

Embodied Ecocriticisms (A Roundtable)
Contact: Heide Estes

Medieval Foremothers Society (1)

New Perspectives on Gender and Difference in Honor of Sharon Farmer (A Roundtable)
Contact: Tanya Stabler Miller
Loyola Univ. Chicago
1032 W. Sheridan Rd.
Chicago, IL 60660

Medieval History Workshop, Harvard Univ. (1)

Markets in Medieval Societies: Commercial "Revolution"
Contact: Ryan Low
Harvard Univ.
History Dept.
Robinson Hall, 35 Quincy St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: (310) 344-1282

Medieval Iberian Treasury in Context: Collections, Connections, and Representations on the Peninsula and Beyond (2)

Treasured Objects from Archive to Altar: The Documentation and Display of Transcultural Networks I–II
Contact: Amanda W. Dotseth
Southern Methodist Univ.
Meadows Museum
5900 Bishop Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75205
Phone: (214) 768-4490

Medieval Institute, Univ. of Notre Dame (1)

Emotions in Medieval Literature
Contact: Xiaoyi Zhang
Univ. of Notre Dame
Medieval Institute
715 Hesburgh Library
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Medieval Institute, Western Michigan Univ. (2)

Screening of The 13th Warrior (1999) [co-sponsored with the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection]; The 13th Warrior: A Roundtable Discussion [co-sponsored with the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection]
Contact: Elizabeth C. Teviotdale

Medieval Makars Society (2)

Celtic Fringe (A Roundtable); Scottish Voices, Scottish Borders
Contact: Meg Oldman
Phone: (540) 421-5628

Medieval Prosopography (2)

In Honor of Charlotte Newman Goldy I–II: Medieval Memories of Women's Business; Jewish Communities in the Medieval World
Contact: Darlene L. Brooks Hedstrom
Wittenberg Univ.
History Dept.
Springfield, OH 45501
Phone: (937) 360-6456

Medieval Romance Society (3)

Romance and the Animal Turn I–III: Romance and Ecofeminism; Romance and Queer Ecology; Romance and Posthumanism
Contact: Tim Wingard
Univ. of York
Centre for Medieval Studies, King's Manor
Exhibition Square
York YO1 7EP
United Kingdom

Medieval Speech Act Society (1)

Medieval Speech Acts
Contact: Eric Bryan
4157 Cleveland Ave.
Saint Louis, MO 63110

Medieval Studies Certificate Program, Graduate Center, CUNY (2)

The Question of Belief in Medieval Christianity; "Old Italian" and the Influence of Scribal Practice in Pre-Dantean Medieval Italian Vernacular Literature
Contact: Steven F. Kruger
CUNY, Graduate Center
Medieval Studies Certificate Program
365 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10016
Phone: (212) 661-8398

Medieval Studies Institute, Indiana Univ.–Bloomington (2)

Medieval Counter-Cultures I–II: Then; Now (A Roundtable)
Contact: Shannon Gayk
Indiana Univ.–Bloomington
English Dept., 215 Lindley Hall
Bloomington, IN 47405

Medieval Studies Program, Yale Univ. (3)

Violating Sacred Space; Migration, Exile, and Displacement (A Roundtable); Medieval Representations of Scholarly Labor
Contact: Carson J. Koepke
Phone: (651) 356-1565

Medieval Studies Workshop, Univ. of Chicago (1)

Affect and Exemplarity Texts (A Panel Discussion)
Contact: Samantha Pellegrino

Medievalists of Color (4)

The Relevance of MoC Research (A Panel Discussion); Exploring Allyship in Medieval Studies (A Panel Discussion); Contact before Columbus; Constructing Race in England, 1150–1350 (A Roundtable) [co-sponsored with the Early Middle English Society]
Contact: Barbara Bordalejo
Phone: (306) 371-0578
Email: (1)

Podcasting about the Middle Ages (A Roundtable)
Contact: Peter Konieczny
Phone: (647) 999-3321

Medievalists@Penn (1)

Middle Grounds: The Politics and Aesthetics of Medieval Mediocrity
Contact: Rawad Z. Wehbe
Univ. of Pennsylvania
NELC Main Office, 847 Williams Hall
255 South 36th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: (609) 651-6607

Medieval-Renaissance Faculty Workshop, Univ. of Louisville (2)

Law and Legal Culture in Anglo-Saxon England I–II
Contact: Andrew Rabin
Univ. of Louisville
Dept. of English
Louisville, KY 40292

Mens et Mensa: Society for the Study of Food in the Middle Ages (2)

A Cook's Apprenticeship: Hands-On Workshop on Experiential Learning with Medieval Food; A Mirror to the Middle Ages: Using Food and Foodways to Raise Engagement with Medieval Studies
Contact: John A. Bollweg
314 W Traube Ave.
Westmont, IL 60559
Phone: (630) 390-6172

Midwest Medieval History Conference (1)

Crossing Boundaries: Travel, Trade, and Exchange
Contact: Jessalynn Lea Bird
Saint Mary's College
152 Spes Unica Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Monsters: The Experimental Association for the Research of Cryptozoology through Scholarly Theory and Practical Application (MEARCSTAPA) (3)

Xenophobia and Border Walls: Monstrous Foreigners and Polities [co-sponsored with the Société Rencesvals, American-Canadian Branch]; Taking Shape: Sculpting Monsters; Adorable Monsters in Medieval Culture (A Roundtable)
Contact: Asa Simon Mittman
Phone: (530) 898-6885

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (1)

Monumental Crucifixes: Histories, Materials, and Meanings [co-sponsored with the Dommuseum Hildesheim]
Contact: Shirin Fozi
Univ. of Pittsburgh
104 Frick Fine Arts Building
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Musicology at Kalamazoo (7)

Music and Liturgy; Music and Inclusive Pedagogy (A Roundtable); Musical Margins and Migrations; Musical Craft, Composition, and Improvisation; Musical Medievalism; Music Theory and Practice; Musical Intertextuality/Intratextuality
Contact: Anna Kathryn Grau
Phone: (267) 259-2537

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Network for the Study of Late Antique and Early Medieval Monasticism (2)

The Pursuit of Salvation in Early Medieval Monasticism [co-sponsored with the Centre for Medieval Studies, Univ. of Toronto]; Monks and Saints: The Veneration of Relics in Early Medieval Monasteries [co-sponsored with Syracuse Univ.]
Contact: Albrecht Diem
Syracuse Univ.
Dept. of History, 145 Eggers Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244

New Queer Medievalisms (2)

Global, Medieval Queerness (A Panel Discussion); Queer Medieval Ecologies (A Roundtable)
Contact: Christopher Michael Roman

North American Catalan Society (2)

Contacts, Encounters, Exchanges: Languages and Identities in the Medieval Mediterranean [co-sponsored with the Ibero-Medieval Association of North America (IMANA)]; Medieval-Ibero explicandi per masculum: Counsel for Women Composed by Men [co-sponsored with the Ibero-Medieval Association of North America (IMANA)]
Contact: John A. Bollweg
314 W Traube Ave.
Westmont, IL 60559
Phone: (630) 390-6172

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | PQ | R | S | T | U | V | WXYZ | Special

Oecologies: Inhabiting Premodern Worlds (3)

Medieval Eco-Migrations; Medieval Becomings-Animal: Language, Translation, and Politics; Environment and Apocalypse: Medieval and Modern Ecologies (A Roundtable)
Contact: David K. Coley
Simon Fraser Univ.
Dept. of English
8888 University Dr.
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6

Old English Forum, Modern Language Association (1)

Contact: David F. Johnson
Florida State Univ.
Dept. of English
265 S. University Way
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1580

Oswald-von-Wolkenstein-Gesellschaft (1)

The Continuation of the Middle Ages in the Sixteenth Century
Contact: Albrecht Classen
Univ. of Arizona
Dept. of German Studies, 301 LSB
1512 E 1st St.
Tucson, AZ 85721
Phone: (520) 621-1395

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | PQ | R | S | T | U | V | WXYZ | Special

Pearl-Poet Society (5)

In aventure þer mervayles meven: The Mystical Tradition in the Pearl-Poet and Analogues; Form and Structure in MS Cotton Nero A.x. (A Roundtable); The Final Frontier: Embodied Space in the Works of the Pearl-Poet; The Pearl-Poet: Modern Connections, Adaptations, and Evolutions; Acceptance and Resistance: Emotional Tension in the Pearl-Poet
Contact: Ashley E. Bartelt
Northern Illinois Univ.
Dept. of English, Reavis Hall, Room 215
1425 W. Lincoln Hwy.
DeKalb, IL 60115-2828

Politicas: The Society for the Study of Political Thought in the Middle Ages (1)

Defining the Variable Nature of Civic and Religious Communities in Medieval  Political Thought, East and West (A Panel Discussion)
Contact: Elizabeth McCartney
127 Grove St.
Iowa City, IA 52246
Phone: (541) 337-4989

Polytheism-Oriented Medievalists of North America (P-OMoNA) (2)

Genuine Survivals, Cute Theories, and Wishful Thinking: Sorting Wheat from Chaff in Medieval Scholarship about Polytheism; The Deities of Central and Eastern European, West Asian, and North African Cultures in Medieval Sources
Contact: Phillip Bernhardt-House

Pre-Modern and Ancient World Studies Program (PAST), Wittenberg Univ. (1)

Digitizing Medieval and Early Modern Materials at Small Institutions (A Roundtable)
Contact: Kimberly Tate Anderson

Program in Medieval Studies, Brown Univ. (1)

Inside the Walls: Analyzing Medieval Towns
Contact: Mercedes Vaquero
Brown Univ.
Dept. of Hispanic Studies, Box 1961
Providence, RI 02912
Phone: (401) 455-9892

Program in Medieval Studies, Princeton Univ. (2)

The Politics of Migration and Mobility in the Middle Ages I–II
Contact: Helmut Reimitz
Princeton Univ.
103 Dickinson Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544
Phone: (609) 250-3708

Program in Medieval Studies, Rutgers Univ. (3)

Medieval and Modern Racial Aesthetics; Catastrophe!; Medieval Virtualities (A Roundtable)
Contact: Isabel Stern

Program in Medieval Studies, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison (1)

Encounters during the Period of Crusades: History through Objects (A Roundtable)
Contact: Elizabeth Lapina
Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison
Dept. of History, 3211 Mosse Humanities Building
455 N. Park St.
Madison, WI 53706-1483

Pseudo Society (1)

Valar Morghulis
Contact: Kavita Mudan Finn

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Rare Book Dept., The Free Library of Philadelphia (1)

The Cultures of Armenia and Georgia
Contact: Bert Beynen
420 W Woodlawn St.
Philadelphia, PA 19144-4510
Phone: (267) 287-2317

Rare Book School Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in Critical Bibliography (1)

Critical Bibliography in Premodern Studies (A Roundtable)
Contact: Damian Fleming
Purdue Univ.–Fort Wayne
Dept. of English and Linguistics
2101 E Coliseum Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Phone: (260) 481-0192

Rare Books and Manuscripts Library, The Ohio State Univ. (2)

The Ethical Dilemma of Collecting Manuscript Fragments: Loss, Gain, Opportunity, and Cost (A Roundtable); Medieval Manuscripts in the Midwest: New Research from "Hidden" Collections
Contact: Eric J. Johnson
The Ohio State Univ. Library
119A Thompson Library
1858 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: (614) 688-8795

Research Group on Manuscript Evidence (2)

Prologues in Learned Texts of Medieval Magic; Seal the Real: Documentary Records, Seals, and Authentications
Contact: Mildred Budny
Research Group on Manuscript Evidence
46 Snowden Ln.
Princeton, NJ 08540-3916
Phone: (609) 924-9275
Fax: (609) 924-9275

Richard Rawlinson Center for Anglo-Saxon Studies and Manuscript Research (3)

Irish Manuscripts in Anglo-Saxon England; Illuminated Manuscripts in the Insular World; Peripheral Texts in Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts
Contact: Elizabeth C. Teviotdale

Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association (2)

Witness, Reflection, and Conversion; Impotency in the Middle Ages
Contact: Alaina Bupp
Phone: (303) 909-9419

Romanian Institute of Orthodox Theology and Spirituality of New York (1)

Feeling and Tasting God: Messalianism, Demonic Tricks, Madness, and the Truth of the Spiritual Senses
Contact: Alina N. Feld
Phone: (516) 375-8198

Rossell Hope Robbins Library, Univ. of Rochester (3)

DH on a Budget: Developing Digital Projects with Limited Resources (A Roundtable); The Present and Future of Digital Editing (A Roundtable); Impound, Outlaw: Human and Animal Incarceration, Enclosure, and Life outside the Law in the Middle Ages
Contact: Anna Siebach-Larsen
Univ. of Rochester
416 Rush Rhees Library
Rochester, NY 14627

Royal Studies Network (2)

Rulership at Kalamazoo I: Rethinking the Role of the Consort (Male and Female); Rulership at Kalamazoo II: Representing and Remembering Medieval Monarchies
Contact: Valerie Schutte

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SALVI (Septentrionale Americanum Latinitatis Vivae Institutum): North American Institute for Living Latin Studies (2)

Latinitas Viva I–II: Global Latin: How Is Our Medieval and Early Modern Heritage Being Nurtured by Latin Speakers around the World? (A Panel Discussion); Carmina Karaoke (A Workshop)
Contact: Diane Warne Anderson
57 Huckins Ave
Quincy, MA 02171-1129
Phone: (612) 812-4822

Seigneurie: The International Society for the Study of the Nobility, Lordship, and Knighthood (2)

Noble Women in Latin Christian Societies to ca. 1520; Lordship in Latin Christian Societies to ca. 1520
Contact: D'A. J. D. Boulton

Selden Society (1)

Law as Culture: Substance, Procedure, and Institutions in the Middle Ages
Contact: Alexander Volokh
Emory Law School
1301 Clifton Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30322
Phone: (626) 354-4581

Shakespeare at Kalamazoo (3)

King Lear: Texts, Pre-Texts, and Aftertexts; Shakespeare and Science Fiction/Fantasy; Shakespeare and Fan Authorship: A Lecture by Dr. Kavita Mudan-Finn (A Performance)
Contact: Dianne Berg

Societas Johannis Higginsis (2)

"Can These Bones Come To Life?": Interpreting the Society for Creative Anachronism (A Panel Discussion); "Can These Bones Come to Life?": A Comparative Demonstration of Medieval and Modern Fencing [co-sponsored with the Michigan Historical Art of Arms Fellowship]
Contact: Kenneth Mondschein
Phone: (917) 763-2653

Societas Magica (5)

Spain as Egypt's Alternative: Impacts and Influences of Translated Magical Texts [co-sponsored with the Ibero-Medieval Association of North America (IMANA)]; Toward a Historical Anthropology of Islamic Magic (A Roundtable); Psychoactive Ingredients and Intoxication in Medieval Magic; Revealing the Unknown I–II [co-sponsored with the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence]: Scryers and Scrying in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period; Sortilège, Bibliomancy, and Divination
Contact: David Porreca
Univ. of Waterloo
Dept. of Classical Studies
200 University Ave. West
Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1

Societas Ovidiana (2)

Ovid's Transformations in the Middle Ages; Latin Commentaries on Ovid
Contact: William Little

Société Guilhem IX (2)

Voice in Medieval Occitania [co-sponsored with Exemplaria: Medieval / Early Modern / Theory]; Old Occitan Language and Literature in Modern Media (A Roundtable)
Contact: Mary Franklin-Brown

Société Rencesvals, American-Canadian Branch (2)

The Problem of Epic (A Roundtable); Approaches to Hybridity in the Epic Genre (A Panel Discussion)
Contact: Ana Grinberg
Auburn Univ.
Dept. of English, 9030 Haley Center
Auburn, AL 36849-9027

Society for Beneventan Studies (2)

Medieval Interdiscplinarity: Knowledge Transfer in Medieval Southern Italy I–II: Music and the Quadrivium [co-sponsored with Musicology at Kalamazoo]; Medicine and Science [co-sponsored with Medica: The Society for the Study of Healing in the Middle Ages]
Contact: Andrew J. M. Irving
Rijksuniv. Groningen
Faculteit Godgeleerdheid en Godsdienstwetenschap
Oude Boteringestraat 38
Groningen 9712 GK
The Netherlands
Phone: +31-6-15-12-51-08

Society for Emblem Studies (2)

Emblem Studies I–II
Contact: Sabine Mödersheim

Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy (3)

Medieval Philosophy I–III: The Abrahamic Traditions; Metaphysics, Psychology, Epistemology, and Logic; Ethics and Political Thought
Contact: John Inglis

Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship (SMFS) (5)

Gender and the Law: A Session in Honor of Sally Livingston; Race and Transgender in the Global Middle Ages; New Voices in Medieval Feminist Scholarship; Historiographical Examination of Misogyny, Non-Heteronormativity, and Racism in Medieval Scholarship; Queer and Transgender Pedagogy Workshop [co-sponsored with the Society for the Study of Homosexuality in the Middle Ages (SSHMA)]
Contact: Nicole Sidhu
Phone: (252) 864-7740

Society for Medieval Germanic Studies (SMGS) (4)

Gender, Codex, Authorship; New Books Roundtable: Beringer: The Sight of Semiramis and Hasty: Medieval Risk-Reward Society; New Research in Medieval Germanic Studies I–II
Contact: Evelyn Meyer

Society for Medieval Languages and Linguistics (1)

Linguistic Approaches to Medieval Languages
Contact: Andrew C. Troup
Phone: (661) 431-3877

Society for Medieval Logic and Metaphysics (1)

Creation ex Nihilo
Contact: Alex Hall

Society for Reformation Research (4)

Reformation I–IV: Dissonance, Resistance, and Dissent in Reformation; Voice, Persona, and the Construction of Self; Recording the Reformation: History, Biography, Witnessing; Politics, Science, and Polemics in the Long Reformation
Contact: Maureen Thum
Univ. of Michigan–Flint
Dept. of English
303 E Kearsley St.
Flint, MI 48502
Phone: (810) 407-1247

Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies (1)

Scandinavian Studies
Contact: Shaun F. D. Hughes
Purdue Univ.
Dept. of English
500 Oval Dr.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2038

Society for the Study of Anglo-Saxon Homiletics (SSASH) (1)

Homiletics 2020: The Futures of the Study of Preaching (A Roundtable)
Contact: Brandon W. Hawk
Phone: (860) 428-0700

Society for the Study of Disability in the Middle Ages (3)

Disability and Sanctity in the Middle Ages [co-sponsored with the Hagiography Society]; Disability as Language: Rethinking Communication in the Middle Ages (A Roundtable); De-Colonizing Medieval Disability Studies (A Workshop)
Contact: Tory Pearman
Phone: (773) 343-0847

Society for the Study of Early Modern Women and Gender (1)

Women in Learned Circles and Communities (1400–1650)
Contact: Anne R. Larsen
Phone: (616) 499-5555
Fax: (616) 395-7559

Society for the Study of Homosexuality in the Middle Ages (SSHMA) (4)

Rethinking Sodomy: Premodern Perspectives (A Panel Discussion); Queering Women of Medieval Scandinavia and Iceland; Global Politics Going Medieval: (Mis)Appropriations and Queer Medieval Response; Yaaas, Qween: Queer(ing) Monarchies and Aristocracies in Medieval Society or Medievalism
Contact: Graham N. Drake
Dept. of English
1 College Cir.
Geneseo, NY 14454
Fax: (585) 245-5181

Society for the Study of the Bible in the Middle Ages (SSBMA) (3)

Albert the Great, On Job: A Roundtable Discussion of a New Translation; Reception of the Church Fathers in Medieval Exegesis; Twelfth-Century Exegesis
Contact: Franklin T. Harkins

Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East (SSCLE) (3)

Crusades and Nature I–III [co-sponsored with the World History Association]
Contact: Elizabeth Lapina
Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison
Dept. of History, 3211 Mosse Humanities Building
455 N. Park St.
Madison, WI 53706-1483

Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture (SASLC) (2)

Bede and Pseudo-Bede; Source Study and Undergraduate Research (A Roundtable)
Contact: Ben Weber
Wheaton College
English Dept.
501 College Ave.
Wheaton, IL 60187

Spenser at Kalamazoo (3)

Spenser at Kalamazoo I–II; Spenser at Kalamazoo III: The Kathleen Williams Lecture
Contact: David Wilson-Okamura

Studies in the Age of Chaucer (2)

Religion, Race, and Chaucer; Poets and Astronomers
Contact: Michelle Karnes
Univ. of Notre Dame
Dept. of English
233 Decio Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

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Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies (TACMRS) (1)

Orientalizing the Occident? The East as a Method
Contact: Sophia Yashih Liu

Tales after Tolkien Society (2)

Deadscapes: Wastelands, Necropoli, and Other Tolkien Inspired Places of Death, Decay, and Corruption (A Panel Discussion); Legacies of Tolkien's Whiteness in Contemporary Medievalisms (A Roundtable)
Contact: Geoffrey B. Elliott
PO Box 293970
Kerrville, TX 78029

TEAMS (Teaching Association for Medieval Studies) (5)

Teaching Medieval Jerusalem: The City of Seventy Names and Even More Approaches (A Panel Discussion); Back to the Books: Teaching Medieval Studies with Librarians in Libraries (A Roundtable) [co-sponsored with the International Society of Medievalist Librarians]; Collegiate Responses to Medieval Humor: A Conversation Surrounding Best Practices for Teaching Medieval Texts (A Roundtable) [co-sponsored with the Medieval Association of the Midwest (MAM)]; Gender, Race, and Violence in the Middle English Roland Romances (A Panel Discussion); The Digby Mary Magdalene Play (A Panel Discussion)
Contact: Danielle Joyner
Lawrence Univ.
Wriston Art Center Room 219
711 E. Boldt Way
Appleton, WI 54911

Texas Medieval Association (TEMA) (3)

The State of Medieval History in Texas Colleges and Universities (A Panel Discussion); Deconstructing the Archpriest: Subversion, Parody, Irony, Humor, and Satire; Vestiges of Movement in the Iberian Peninsula
Contact: Lane Sobehrad

Thomas Aquinas Society (3)

Thomas Aquinas I–III
Contact: John F. Boyle
Univ. of St. Thomas
Dept. of Catholic Studies 55-S
2115 Summit Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105
Phone: (651) 962-5714

Tolkien at Kalamazoo (3)

Tolkien's Paratexts: Appendices, Annals, and Marginalia (A Roundtable); Tolkien and Se Wyrm; Tolkien's Chaucer
Contact: Christopher Vaccaro

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Univ. Autónoma de Madrid (1)

Archaeology of the Medieval Iberian Peninsula: The Archaeological Problem of Córdoba
Contact: Fernando Valdés Fernández

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Vernacular Devotional Cultures Group (3)

Gathering the Fruit of the Orchard (A Roundtable); Anchoritic Ideals in Vernacular Devotional Texts [co-sponsored with the International Anchoritic Society]; Vernacular Exchanges
Contact: Catherine Annette Grise
McMaster Univ.
Dept. of English and Cultural Studies
1280 Main St. W
Hamilton, ON L8S 4L9
Phone: (289) 684-3297

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Women in the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition (WIFIT) (2)

Franciscan Women and the Saints They Loved [co-sponsored with the Hagiography Society]; Knowing Women Biblically: Franciscans and Women in Scripture
Contact: Darleen Pryds

Women, Conflict and Peace: Gendered Networks in Early Medieval Narratives (1)

Gendered Networks in Early Medieval Narratives [co-sponsored with the Medieval and Ancient Research Centre, Univ. of Sheffield (MARCUS)]
Contact: Mairin MacCarron

Special sessions

Adam J. Davis, "The Medieval Economy of Salvation: Charity, Commerce and the Rise of the Hospital" (Cornell University Press) (A Roundtable) (1)

Contact: Alex Novikoff

Alfredian Texts and Contexts (1)

Contact: Nicole Guenther Discenza
Univ. of South Florida
English Dept.
4202 E Fowler Ave. CPR 107
Tampa, FL 33620-5550

Anglo-Saxon Kingship in the Eleventh Century: Wulfstan and His Contemporaries (1)

Contact: Isabelle Beaudoin
Univ. of Oxford
Magdalen College
High Street
Oxford OX1 4AU
United Kingdom

Astrology in Practice: Perspectives from the History of Visual and Material Culture (1)

Contact: Jordan Famularo

Augustine of Hippo on Faith, Tolerance, and Truth (1)

Contact: Marianne Djuth
Phone: (716) 876-5102

The Beast Epic: Forgotten by the Animal Turn? (1)

Contact: Robert Forke
Stanford Univ.
Dept. of German Studies, Pigott Hall, Rm. 117
450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 260
Stanford, CA 94305-2030

Becket at 850 I–II: The Politics of Martyrdom; Pilgrims, Pilgrimages, and Artifacts; Becket at 850 III: (A Roundtable) (3)

Contact: Cary J. Nederman
Texas A&M Univ.
Dept. of Political Science
4348 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-4348

Bending the Knee: Proskynesis, Genuflection, and Bowing Rituals in the Medieval World I–II (2)

Contact: Ali Asgar H. Alibhai
Phone: (469) 733-4723

The Breath of All That Lives: New Research in Medieval Jewish Art I–III; The Breath of All That Lives: New Research in Medieval Jewish Art IV (A Roundtable) (4)

Contact: Elina Gertsman

Cave Architecture (1)

Contact: Maria Harvey
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Medieval Art and the Cloisters
1000 Fifth Ave.
New York City, NY 10028

Chaucer and His Contemporaries: Approaches to Teaching Ricardian Poetry (1)

Contact: Conan Griffin
Florida Gulf Coast Univ.
1454 Biscayne Hall
10501 FGCU Blvd. S
Fort Myers, FL 33965
Phone: (239) 590-1454

Death in the Holy Life (1)

Contact: Jessica Barr
Univ. of Massachusetts
Program in Comparative Literature, Herter Hall 405
161 Presidents' Ave.
Amherst, MA 01003

Describing Devotion (A Roundtable) (1)

Contact: Beth Williamson

The End of "Game of Thrones" in History and Literature (1)

Contact: Elizabeth Terry-Roisin
Florida International Univ.
Dept. of History, Modesto Maidique Campus, DM-397
11200 S.W. 8th St.
Miami, FL 33199

Environmental Violence (1)

Contact: Elizabeth S. Leet

Epistemic Limits: Rethinking Syntheses in Medieval Thought (1)

Contact: Matthew Vanderpoel

Expanded-Ac and the Medievalist (A Roundtable) (1)

Contact: Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge
Phone: (646) 496-3620

Falconry, Modern and Medieval (A Panel Discussion) (1)

Contact: Samuel J. Findley

From the Sanctuary to the Museum: Displaying the Sacred (1)

Contact: Lena Liepe
Linnaeus Univ.
Dept. of Music and Visual Art
Vaxjo SE-351 95

Gerald of Wales: His World and Works (1)

Contact: Michael A. Faletra

Glossing the Unexpectedly Medieval: Contexts and Concepts in Modern Medievalism (1)

Contact: Cindy Vitto

Hiberno-Latin Studies (1)

Contact: Brian Cook
Auburn Univ.
Dept. of English
9030 Haley Center
Auburn, AL 36849-9027

"I said of laughter, 'It is folly'" I–II: Humor and Laughter in Medieval Art and Thought; Humor and Laughter in Medieval Literature and Thought; Storytelling the "Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles" (A Performance) (3)

Contact: Kleio Pethainou

Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Global Middle Ages; Movement in Anglo-Saxon Literature (2)

Contact: Rebecca Straple
Phone: (708) 925-6759

Interdependent: Text and Image in German Manuscripts (1)

Contact: Nicola Zotz
Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Katalog der deutschsprachigen illustrierten Handschriften des Mittelalters
Alfons-Goppel-St. 11
Muenchen 80539

The Long Anthropocene: Doing Climate History in Medieval Studies (1)

Contact: Timothy C. Hart
Phone: (413) 658-5669

Lost in Translation: Women and "Beowulf" (A Roundtable) (1)

Contact: Emily McLemore

Malory Aloud: Women in Camelot, a Readers' Theater Performance (1)

Contact: Steffi Delcourt
Univ. of Rochester
Dept. of English, 426 Morey Hall
P.O. Box 270451
Rochester, NY 14627-0451

Mappings: Charting a Global Middle Ages, Challenging the Pre-Modern/Modern Dichotomy I–II (2)

Contact: Dan Terkla
18 White Pl.
Bloomington, IL 61702-1860
Phone: (309) 825-0520

Mary on the Move: Marian Iconography in Late Medieval France (1)

Contact: Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky
Phone: +40723834322

The Material and Visual Culture of Sitting in the Church Interior (1)

Contact: Sabine Sommerer

Materiality and Material Evidence in the Study of Medieval Historical Writing (1)

Contact: James Cronin
Univ. of Durham
Dept. of History
43 North Bailey
Durham DH1 3EX
United Kingdom

The Materiality of Knowledge in the Middle Ages (1)

Contact: Austin Powell
Phone: (781) 258-4875

Medieval Badges and Miniature Objects (1)

Contact: Ann Marie Rasmussen
Univ. of Waterloo
Germanic & Slavic Studies
200 University Dr. West
Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1
Phone: (226) 751-4497

Medieval Ecclesiastical Architecture:  Meaning and Sentiment in Stone and Heart; Medieval Sacramental Theology (2)

Contact: Richard Nicholas
Phone: (815) 740-4250
Fax: (815) 740-4285

Medieval Habits (1)

Contact: Ryan Lawrence
Phone: (479) 372-3530

Medieval Human Trafficking in Word and Image (1)

Contact: Margaret Hadley

Medieval Studies and the Caribbean I (A Roundtable); Medieval Studies and the Caribbean II (2)

Contact: Marian E. Polhill
Univ. of Puerto Rico, Rio Pedras Campus
Dept. of Comparative Literature, School of Humanities
13 Ave. Universidad, STE 1301
San Juan, PR 00925-2533

The Medieval Tradition of Natural Law I–II (2)

Contact: Harvey Brown
Phone: (519) 672-0653

Medievalism and Anti-Semitism (1)

Contact: Richard Utz

Medievalist as Auctor: Creative Readings (A Roundtable) (1)

Contact: Erin K. Wagner

*Mise-en-page* in Early Medieval Manuscripts (1)

Contact: Bruce Gilchrist
Concordia Univ.
Dept. of English, LB 641
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W
Montréal, QC H3G 1M8

The Multivalent Voice: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Gender, Speech, and Performance in Medieval France (A Roundtable) (1)

Contact: Rachel Golden
Univ. of Tennessee–Knoxville
School of Music, Natalie L. Haslam Music Center
1741 Volunteer Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37996

Neither Here nor There: The In-Betweenness of Venice in Late Medieval Pilgrims' Accounts (1)

Contact: Toni Veneri

New Archaeological Research on Medieval Urbanism I–II (2)

Contact: Pam Crabtree
New York Univ.
Dept. of Anthropology
25 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10003
Phone: (212) 998-8573

New Perspectives on Visual and Material Cultures of Medieval Eurasia (1)

Contact: Manuel Giardino
Phone: +39-32-47-77-90-44

New Research in Medieval Parish Church Art and Architecture I–II (2)

Contact: Sarah Blick
Kenyon College
Art History
Gambier, OH 43022
Phone: (740) 392-2507

Nineteenth-/Twentieth-/Twenty-First-Century Medievalisms; Studies in Old-Norse Icelandic Literature (2)

Contact: Daniel C. Najork
Phone: (214) 535-5278

Orality and Authority in Anglo-Saxon England (1)

Contact: Rebecca Mouser
Missouri Southern State Univ.
Kuhn Hall 203D
3950 E Newman Rd.
Joplin, MO 64801
Phone: (417) 625-9756

Papers by Undergraduates I–II (2)

Contact: Marcia Smith Marzec
411 Whitney Ave.
Joliet, IL 60435
Phone: (815) 723-1763
Fax: (815) 740-4285

Paranormal Encounters in the Medieval North I–II: Experiencing the Paranormal; Figures of the Paranormal (2)

Contact: Miriam Mayburd
Boðagrandi 7, 3D
Reykjavik 107

Persuasive Voices: Gender, Disputes, and Communities in Medieval France: In Honor of Sharon Farmer (1)

Contact: Richard E. Barton
Univ. of North Carolina–Greensboro
Dept. of History
2118A MHRA Bldg.
Greensboro, NC 27412

Philosophical Themes and Issues in Malory's World; Malory for Moderns (2)

Contact: Felicia Nimue Ackerman
Brown Univ.
Dept. of Philosophy/Box 1918
45 Prospect St.
Providence, RI 02912
Phone: (401) 863-3240

Pictorial Hagiography: East and West (1)

Contact: Nicolas Varaine

The Queen of Heaven: Medieval Marian Aesthetics East and West I–III (3)

Contact: Sean C. Stidd

Queens, Kings, and Royals in Late Medieval France (1)

Contact: Charles-Louis Morand-Métivier
Univ. of Vermont
Waterman 511
85 S. Prospect St.
Burlington, VT 05405

Reading Aloud in Old French and Middle French (A Workshop) (1)

Contact: Tamara Bentley Caudill
Jacksonville Univ.
Division of Humanities
2800 University Blvd. N
Jacksonville, FL 32211
Phone: (904) 256-7189

Reading Aloud the French of England (A Workshop) (1)

Contact: Laurie Postlewate
Barnard College
3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

Realizing Sacred Space in Religions of the Global Middle Ages (1)

Contact: June-Ann Greeley
Sacred Heart Univ.
Dept. of Theology and Religious Studies, HC 132
5151 Park Ave.
Fairfield, CT 06825
Phone: (203) 371-7713

Religious Thinking in Secular Literature (1)

Contact: Mae Lyons-Penner

Reproductive Cultures: New Approaches to the Facsimile (1)

Contact: Sigrid Danielson

Robbery, Purveyance, and Exploitation in England (1)

Contact: Elise Wang

The Sacred and Secular in the Monastic Chapter Room (1)

Contact: Charles Hilken
St. Mary's College
1928 Saint Marys Rd.
Moraga, CA 94575
Phone: (925) 878-1333

Sacred Relics: From Byzantium to the West (1)

Contact: Cecily Hennessy
Christie's Education
42 Portland Pl., Marylebone
London W1B 1NB
United Kingdom

Saint Thomas Becket in Visual Culture: Past, Present, and Future I–II (2)

Contact: Alyce A. Jordan

Studies in the Hêliand (1)

Contact: David Eugene Clark

Subjects of Violence: Women, Resistance, and Consent in Medieval Literature (A Panel Discussion) (1)

Contact: Elizaveta Strakhov

"Ther was also a Nonne, a Prioresse": Re-Examining Chaucer's "Prioress's Tale" (1)

Contact: Sarah Rude
Phone: (507) 828-0783

Tolkien and Manuscript Studies (1)

Contact: William Fliss
Phone: (414) 288-5906

Treating Animals: Veterinary Science in the Middle Ages (1)

Contact: Aylin Malcolm
Univ. of Pennsylvania
127 Fisher-Bennett Hall
3340 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Universally Shared Themes, Topics, and Motifs in Eastern and Western Medieval Literature I–II (2)

Contact: Albrecht Classen
Univ. of Arizona
Dept. of German Studies, 301 LSB
1512 E 1st St.
Tucson, AZ 85721
Phone: (520) 621-1395

Using Astrolabes and Astronomical Tables to Compute Lunar and Planetary Positions: A Hands-on Workshop (1)

Contact: Kristine Larsen
Central Connecticut State Univ.
Geological Sciences Dept.
1615 Stanley St.
New Britain, CT 06050

Vernacular Apocrypha I–II (2)

Contact: Peggy McCracken

Verse Form and Layout in England, Tenth–Twelfth Century (1)

Contact: Leslie Carpenter
Fordham Univ.
English Dept., Lowenstein 924
113 W 60 St.
New York, NY 10023
Phone: (314) 282-7524

Water and Power: Studies in Water Management in Honor of the Work of Sharon Farmer (1)

Contact: Abigail P. Dowling

Whatever Happened to Baby Cain? Ambiguous Childhood in Medieval Literature I–III: Childhood Unbound; Childhood Tamed; Childhood Eternal (3)

Contact: Alexandra Claridge
Phone: +44-74-82-73-59-39

Women in Viking-Age Ireland: Archaeological Approaches (1)

Contact: Mary A. Valante